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If you love different crafts and are all about Pinterest, Pinspiration is your new art haven!

Located in North Phoenix in the Desert Ridge/High Street area (right near Mellow Mushroom), Pinspiration has tons of different art projects for the newbie to the expert. The best part of doing things at Pinspiration is that they have all the supplies you need to complete the project, and you don’t have to get your house messy!

When we first pulled up to Pinspiration, I thought this place was a bit small, but I was so very wrong. The layout of everything in this complex is so deceiving. Pinspiration is HUGE!

pinspiration bar

An awesome bar area for hanging out was a great focal centerpiece of the room. It also was storage for wine bottles. The wine bottles were empty, but I’m sure they are used for some magnificent crafts!

painting ideas and area

Different ideas for projects all over the walls were ready to inspire everyone who entered Pinspiration.

decor pinspiration

And the whimsical decor, a mix of urban brick and fluffy snow just made you want to create something magical. Tables were prepared for messy projects!

Bar Pinspiration

Another look at the cute bar and gathering place at Pinspiration. The bar is a perfect place to hang out if your project, need a break or just some “inspiration!”

Splatter Paint

Ashley and I decided to take part in some splatter paint. Pinspiration takes the idea of splatter paint from the famous artist, Jackson Pollock. We did the “date’ package, and it was such an honor to have a mommy date with one of my good mommy friends. The date package includes either one large canvas or two smaller canvases, chocolates and drinks (champagne). I don’t drink alcohol so we opted for non alcoholic beverages.

The front row of paints is glow in the dark, and the back row is a regular flat paint.

The room is truly a splatter painted mess. Pinspiration invites participants to practice their splatter before trying it out on a canvas. Hence the messy room! Plus, a room that is already messy makes you feel like you aren’t going to make a mistake if you accidentally miss, right? I think that is truly the beauty of this type of art-you can’t go wrong!

suited up at Pinspiration

But, before starting to paint, you get to don these beautiful outfits. I like to call ourselves the “marshmallow moms”. Pinspiration recommendeds to wear clothes that can get messy. However, these suits cover a lot. We are also wearing booties for our feet and head coverings. Our host suggested taking off jewelry too. I left my wedding bands on.

The room also comes with speakers so you can listen to music. The speakers were set up with an iPhone jack (I have a Android), but I put my phone in a little box and it amplified the music.

When it was time to paint, you can use all types of approaches (as long as you don’t mark the walls with inappropriate things).

I used, what I liked to call, a soft fling approach with a bounce.

I think the flinging was especially good for Ashley. Art is extremely cathartic, and we really were able to weaponize our brushes for good! Just look at her face and her movements. She loved every minute of it!

ashley and her creation pinspiration
vicki and her creation

If you aren’t into splatter painting, there are so many other options at Pinspiration, and there is even a separate party room!

Choose from many different projects and get started!

How Pinspiration Makes Your Projects Easier

I love that Pinspiration has so many different projects to choose from and all the supplies are right there! If you are like me, Pinterest can be so fun, but unbelievably overwhelming. I call Pinterest a rabbit hole of great ideas, but I might not be able to pick one projects and get all the supplies I need on my own. Nor would I want the mess in my house. Pinspiration takes all that headache out of my hands! With tons of different options and rotating crafts, there is something for everyone. From date night to kids parties (yes, kids can splatter paint too!), Pinspiration has something for everyone in your family!

The Basics

Pinspiration Phoenix

5410 E High St #105

Phoenix, AZ

We received complimentary admission in exchange for this review. All opinion are 100% are own.

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