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Pierce Park-Phoenix

Update on Pierce Park, February 2018!

Soon after we visited Pierce Park in Phoenix, they updated it! I’m so very glad to have readers who keep an eye out and let us know where there is an update!

The “Big kids” playground had a major overhaul. There are a lot more climbing structures, however there isn’t as much height to the park as there was before. The sand has also been replaced by mulch. Sometimes parents like mulch, and sometimes parents like sand. It’s such a toss up for me on which is better! Both can get in the shoes!

These climbers do move a little, which provides a little bit more of a challenge for the bigger kids. But, once again the height was not as stunning as the older park.

They also installed the “Play Biba” games which require a cell phone. I wrote a little bit about “Play Biba” on our review of Stonebrook Park in Surprise, which also has the “Play Biba”. I did speak with the developers of the app, and I understand they are trying to encourage people to get moving at the park.

Mr Munchie said this climber reminded him of his cup that he wears for sports.. Thanks for that!

Then there were these things. The are interesting. I’m not exactly sure what they are supposed to do, but you can climb on them. We have also seen them at Avondale Friendship Park!

There was a little drumming station and a few other ways to climb up. I did like the different types of climbing obstacles for my oldest, 8!

The Toddler playground got the most update and upgrade, which was very nice to see! There were nice sized slides and it was almost like a miniature version of the big kids playground. There were also spaces for two baby swings, but there was only one. There was also a spinny chair, and unfortunately no shaded seating right by the park. I’m happy that the toddler playground was shaded, however! YAY!

While my husband and Munchie were spending time at Pueblo Grande Museum in Phoenix, the little ones needed some run around time. I was looking for a place what was nearby, and found Pierce Park.

I was happy to see all the lovely green space, palm trees, volleyball courts (sand), tennis courts, baseketball courts, ramadas and of course, playscapes. There is also a pool at the park.

The park also had a baseball field and concession stand, as well as restrooms closer to the baseball area. This was one of the parks that didn’t have doors on the stalls of the bathrooms. Ugh.

Parking was off of N 46th Street and was pretty close to the playground, but far from the bathroom.

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Volleyball courts and the beautiful palm trees all around.

And the playscape! As I took this picture, my kids all said hi to this dad ! OOps!

The playscape had the sails, but one was broken. However there was still plenty of shade. There were also lovely trees around the park for added shade. A few families were having picnics under the trees. There were big kid swings and baby swings-just not under the shades.

There was also a toddler playground. Unfortunately, it was not shaded. There was lots of sand, rubber areas for the slides and a little rope climb. There were also two bouncy rockers.

The toddler area and walkways around the park.

And slides, slides and more slides!

And lots of climbing things, including the wheels, monkey bars, ladders, a jump line (to see how high you can jump) and the “park telephones”.

And, I love these little steps. They are great for encouraging balance and challenging the kids!

If you are around the Pueblo Grande Museum, this park is a great one to stop at-especially if you have a chance to check out the pool as well. This was a little gem of a park that kept my kids occupied while big brother was digging!

The Basics

Pierce Park Phoenix

2150 N 46th St

Phoenix, AZ

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