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Phoenix Zoo (at night)

Our Family did the “Prowl and Play” at the Phoenix Zoo on August 9th (the last one of the season).But don’t worry, there are TONS of other activities at the zoo that you can do too!


Luckily there are TONS of signs directing you to the zoo on the roads to it. And, as you are driving you will see a lot of planes landing and taking off at Sky Harbor.


There was a great shaded area to buy tickets, and it wasn’t too busy at all. Tickets were $8 for all of us over 2 (so Dimples and Giggles got in for free! YAY).


Between the area where you pick up your tickets and actually enter the park there is a huge bridge that goes over water. There were bricks engraved with names of donors. Munchie had to look for his name!

After we turned in our tickets we hit the restroom first, which was in a building where they were testing out robots that I believe some high schoolers were building. On our way to the bathrooms we also saw that there is a stroller rental.

We followed the music (provided by Radio Disney) and found the splash area. There were blow up slides and this contraption. I thought it would be good for Giggles, but she wasn’t too interested in it. The lines did get long quickly. There were a few other blow up slides as well, but we were off and running to get Giggles cooled off.



IMG_3975This was a cute little splash pad that had a faux grass areas and shady sitting spots for parents. While looking at the lake, behind us was the building where they have special events (the robotics stuff) and the bathroom. We LONG way around to the splash pad, but that is ok. They also had a  “wine/beer” tasting for the adults, but unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to partake in that!

There was also a small play area that looked like a treehouse with a slide near the splash pad.

IMG_3981But the most fun for the kids was the bubble maker! They were dripping in bubbles and mud and then could go to the splash pad and “desoap”. There was also a station they could borrow water guns as well.

Near the splash pad is also a carousel. This costs an additional $3 per person.

We took a break from the water activities to take a look at the animals. The staff was super friendly and let us know that there was a tiger feeding soon. IMG_3988

Pretty cool. We also got a chance to look at the Lions, Hippos and Giraffes. You can also have a “giraffe” encounter where you can feed the giraffes, but at an extra cost. We didn’t opt into that as Munchie was just pretty concerned with going back to the slides (sigh!).

The animals we did see were great, and the smell was minimal. The Rhinos smelled a little bit (for those with sensitive noses) and many animals were “sleeping” or not available for viewing. We did spend most of our time at the splash pads.

Our kids usually go to bed at 7pm, so we were really pushing the zoo since the Prowl and Play starts at 6pm. At night, a lot of the “extras” are shut down-such as the trains that I think the kids would have liked to try. Many of the refreshment stands weren’t open either, but the zoo wasn’t crowded and the kids were able to walk and even run. The paths are very stroller friendly and there is a lot to see. I do recommend using one of the bathrooms when you first see them because it could be quite a long walk for wee ones when they have to “wee”.

I was very impressed with this zoo, the cost, the location, the staff, everything was really nice! I thought the giraffes underneath the landing airplanes was a cool sight too.

It was very enjoyable and I can’t wait to go back when it is a bit cooler and maybe during the day when the kids aren’t as tired from the day. There is just SO much to see at the zoo, and so many cool events that they have!

Make sure you check the hours for the zoo before you go, as the times change depending on the season!

The Basics
Phoenix Zoo

455 North Galvin Parkway, Phoenix AZ 85008






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