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Peoria Main Library

After seeing all the great things Peoria Library was doing for Free Activities  I had to check out the library with my kids.

The Main library is in South Peoria off of Olive (on Monroe St), and near a lot of city facility buildings as well. The parking area for the library is not too large, but there is a two story parking garage nearby. So, if you are looking for shady parking spots, turn off of 85th Ave onto Cinnebar (I’m not sure if some of the spots are reserved!)


There is a bit of a walk from the parking lot to the entrance to the library, as well as a huge courtyard area with seating (all concrete). If you have really little ones that are not very good with walking, you might want to bring a stroller.

We entered the library and started at the check in desk. Just like the Maricopa County Libraries, they do have self check out, but I wanted to ask if we could use our MCLDAZ library card. We could not, but we could sign up for a Peoria Library Card for free. The first time you use it, you can only check out five things. Once you have “proven” yourself, you can select up to 35 items, 10 of which can be DVDs. If the kids were signing up for a library card on the day we went, they were also giving gift bags away to them (it looked like it was a Kohl’s reusable bag and stuffed animal in case you wanted to know). I’m not sure how long they are offering this program, but it was available on June 3rd, 2015.

You can also check out Culture Passes from the library at the main desk. You can get into museums for FREE using the Culture Pass! Check out the link above for the participating museums.

The children’s library is located on the first floor (Thankfully!!) off to the left.


Books line the hallway and there were lots of great posters everywhere. And, a long hallway enticed my kids to run.


Across from the Children’s librarian’s desk was the Superhero that you could climb up to put your face in. I was more excited that there was a Children’s librarian and decided to talk with them for a bit. Make sure that you check out the Peoria Library’s website to see all the events that they have going on there.

The Children’s section was HUGE. I mean, Gigantic. There are just so many books in this library. I was so excited. I love to read, I love to read to my kids, and Munchie is just starting to read so I was hoping they would be excited about the books.



they had other ideas, one being that they ran down the LONG ramp to the reading/story time area. I did happen to catch a nice reading nook on the way down that had some wall toys.


It was a nice little quiet area, but obviously, not for us. Ha ha ha…


The story time area was very large, and contained! Which I really liked. There were a few people in the room at the time so this picture is just half of the story area.


There were also lots of computers, tons of DVDs and music to pick out from too. I liked that the DVDs were in forward facing slots (instead of only seeing the spine). However I didn’t see any rhyme or reason to how they were organized. Maybe I didn’t get the best look, but there were tons to search from.

On the way out we also saw the bathroom (in the main hallway leading to the children’s area). I love that it says “Diapering station!”


The Basics

Peoria Main Library

8463 W Monroe St

Peoria, AZ


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