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Paseo Verde Park-Peoria

Paseo Verde Park in Peoria was on our hit list for a while and we finally were able to make it over there. I was a bit worried when I saw the address because it was right “on” Greenway Road, however, this area of Peoria, Greenway is not a busy area at all. Greenway actually dead ends at 81st Ave to the West and 71st Ave to the East, so I recommend either going Bell Road (from Surprise) down 75th Ave, or Grand to Thunderbird to 75th.

There is a large off street parking lot as well, which is very convenient. A preschool backs up to the parking lot as well as a neighborhood-so its relatively a quiet park.


Although it has the word “Verde” (Green) in the name, the grass was not very green, but it had a lot of greenbelts to play in. Of course, play on words, it is on “Greenway Road” .





A beautiful basketball court was nearest the parking lot.


Lots of “Greenspace”…minus the “Green”.

So, this is the “Neos” Electronic game. I was very disappointed with this. My kids love pushing buttons-they really do so they were happily tapping away on this thing. But, if you were talking you couldn’t hear it. The instructions were beyond me trying to figure out while rangling the kids, and it was two player games from what I read. Ugh ;/ I looked it up and these items cost about $38,000. It didn’t look like it was fully working either. Just very disappointing all in all.




Here’s an overview  of the park from the hill that my kids were oh so excited about. Yes, they actually said “Wow, a hill!!?! SOOOO COOL!” Kids, you quickly forgot how hilly Connecticut was, huh?

2016-01-19-09.54.51Ahh, the “real” park. As viewed from the cool hill, which I let me kids roll down on, hoping there was no dog poop they would roll over on the way!


This little climby “bug” was great for the impromptu game of hide and seek that broke out. also, there were swings in the background. Two baby and two regular.




Lots of great climbing equipment everywhere. And a bridge. The game of hide and seek was also replaced with “rescue the princess” on the top of the towers.


There were also areas for dramatic play with steering wheels too. The playground had some rubber around it but mostly sand. There was a great ramada that had the “flag” shades around it in the middle of the field, but far from the park and the electronic Neos System. The Neos system was on the other side of the bathroom from the playground and faced north, so while standing at the playground I couldn’t really keep an eye on my kids. The Neos “playground” was just a ridiculous choice, in my opinion.

There was a small ramada near the playground. The bathroom was easily accessible from the playground, which was great for the kids who can use the bathroom on their own, but you still want to keep an eye out for them. T

This was a great park. Quiet but popular that other kids were coming by, and not in a busy area. We really enjoyed our trip to this park and will definitely put it on our favorites list.

The Basics

Paseo Verde Park

Greenway and 75th


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