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Parkridge Park Peoria

Parkridge Park is at 9834 W Beardsley Avenue and has a lot of greenspace, tennis courts, volleyball and basketball courts, dog park as well as the playground, ramadas and restrooms.

We had been past this park so many times when driving around, and finally I made it a priority to make it our destination instead of just a driveby.


It is a very “BLUE” park.


Bathrooms-simple but effective! The basketball courts are right near the bathrooms, and the playground is very close too (Yay for us with older kids who could go to the bathroom by themselves!)



Two shades were over the “big kid” playground and “small kid” playground. No shades over the swings, however.


Nice shaded ramadas with lots of seating overlooked the playgrounds, greenspace and basketball courts.


The big kids playground had some rubber material and some mulch. there were a good deal of climbing aparatuses. I wasn’t quite sure why there was a low monkey bar on the big kid playground other than for them to climb on top of.


And attached to the “small kid/toddler playground” was a higher monkey bar? I really was confused on this!


Other than the monkey bars, the toddler playground was nice-small slides and one of those bridges that moves when you jump up and down on it, although a little treacherous for those who are just beginning to walk. I remember munchie falling off of those bridges a lot when he was a toddler. EEk



Dimples is seen after climbing/crawling on the bridge-you can see a small tunnel slide and a steering wheel. The “big kid” monkey bars are attached to this platform.


Two big kid swings and two baby swings are by the small kids playground. There is also a wash area behind here, and a strange green canopy over a greenspace/water flow area. Nothing was underneath it-so I have no idea what it was for.


Munchie shows us that you can’t slide down this twisty contraption like the other twisty ones-this one was too tightly wound for even his skinny legs!


There was another tube slide and some other climbers.


The large green space with the lit tennis courts far in the distance. My sons and daughter found a friend and they all wanted to chase rats in the drainage area nearest the trees (on the right side of the picture) and at that point, mama bear said-NO lets GO! No rat chasing for me!

This park has a lot to offer-especially if you have teenagers that need some exercise as well, and has a lot of great ramadas for shade. I was so excited that the weather has been cool enough late in May to be able to squeeze in another park!

The Basics

Parkridge Park Peoria

9734 W Beardsley Road


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