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Park West SplashPad

Park West will be having a lot of upgrades this upcoming year, including a new Splashpad!

I’m sure you have seen that I LOVE splashpads but, I had never seen one being built. So, when my friends over at Park West told me that they were in the midst of putting it together, I thought it would be cool to see how a splash pad was actually built and that moms might want to know too!

Park West Rendering.

This is a quick rendering of what it will look like, but it will include some shades, seating areas, and bathrooms nearby. They also plan on having drink kiosks too.


Obviously before digging this area up, a design needs to be made, and digging needs to occur. Zoning needs to be approved, city inspections need to take place. Sometimes when the digging starts, things don’t go exactly as planned. Gas lines that are supposed to be in one place are a few feet off and things need to be moved. Luckily, The splashpad construction stayed right on track so I was able to see the construction workers put in the metal cylinders!

Each one of these metal cylinders is a splash pad device. Both water and light will come out of each one. 18 water and lighting devices will make up an agave plant.

Here is a picture of an Agave plant if you are not up to snuff with your desert plants.

A textured, colored and laser etched cement floor will be the base of the splash pad. But no need to worry about those metal cylinders. They will be sitting below the cement, so your kiddos won’t be jumping over them!

water piping for the splashpad park west

One large pipe is for the drain of the splaspad (return water) and 18 small pipes for the water to power each individual jet. There is also electrical to power the lights in each cylindar for the lighting. the drainage leads to a water recycling area for the water to be treated.

Loads and Loads of piping still to be set for all of the splaspad work! As the workers were constructing the splashpad, there is always work that needs to be done-constructing an equipment room for water treatment. A place for an emergency turn off (approximately 15′ away from the splashpad), setting up walkways, seating areas, drainage, and the most important for parents-seating and shade!

A small playground area will also be available at the back of the splashpad area, but what will go in there has not been decided on quite yet! The seating area for parents will have some tables and charging stations and some shading as well.

Park West, at Northern and the 101 Freeway will have some great new food options opening in the fall of 2019, but the splashpad is set to finish in January of 2019! I’m really excited for this new feature for familes!


The Basics

Park West Splashpad

Northern and 101 9744 W Northern Avene

Splashpad between Brighton Collectibles and Java Boba on East Side of 98th Avenue

Bathroom located Next to Java Boba


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