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Park West Splashpad

It is finally Open!

The new splashpad at Park West is finally open and the west valley can rejoice that we have another wonderful splashpad to enjoy!

Park West Splashpad

The Splashpad is located off of 98th Avenue and is between Brighton Collectibles and Java Boba/See’s Candies. There is a bathroom nearby (YES!).

If you are looking for parking, your best bet is to park either on 98th Avenue, which has limited angled parking . There is also an Orange Theory Gym and Pleasant Pediatrics to the East of the splashpad that has parking areas. To the North is more parking near Harkin’s Theater.

The splashpad area has seating for parents who do not want to get wet to the north and the south under some shades!

Seating at the splashpad Park West

The North seating had misting systems that sprayed directly at the tables.

Misting System park WEst

Beautiful palm trees went along the walkway that surrounded the splashpad. This picture was facing east. The parking lot I mentioned previously has great access to the splashpad. The restrooms are also the below the small sign to the right.

play ground park west


A small playground was available to the east of the splashpad. The playground is on turf, so just watch your kids toes! The misters do reach the ground, and my kids were having a blast playing. There were little hills for them to climb and jump on and off. They are made of hard concrete (I think) that is covered with turf.

Balance Beam park west
motorcycle at park west

The Splashpad

The Splashpad will be on 10am-8pm everyday. We arrived before the splashpad turned on so we got some cool pictures. There is no “turn on” button as it is controlled by staff. There is an emergency off switch that is per code, but you really don’t want to push that button unless there is a true emergency!

Giggles was very excited to go into the splashpad when it turned on. The water moves and pulsates, so you never know where it will show up next. The floor is a harder surface, so water shoes may be a good idea. My kids flung off their shoes.

The water is cycled and treated on site! If you remember, we visited Park West when they were building the Splashpad, which was pretty neat!

The bathrooms were also nearby, which was awesome. The door leading to the bathroom was wide enough to get a stroller down. There were two family restrooms and a men’s and women’s restroom. I loved that the women’s restroom had no door, but a windy entrance.

A Baby changing station was available as well as seats for kids to be “sat in” while mom uses the bathroom! It was a very well placed bathroom.

This will definitely be a great splashpad and meetup spot for parents this summer.

The Basics

Park West Splashpad

9744 W Northern Ave

Peoria, AZ

Between See’s Candies and Brighton


  1. Pam on July 25, 2019 at 11:40 am

    Is there a charge to use?

    • Vicki on July 25, 2019 at 12:44 pm

      no, there is no charge!

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