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Park Discovery-Cedar City Utah

We love to travel, and some times we even go for work (and play!). When my husband had a conference up in Salt Lake City, I thought “YES!! Let’s all go!” The drive was going to be a little too much to do all in one day to Salt Lake for us, so we picked Cedar City as a half way point. I looked on the map around our hotel (We love Residence Inn Hotels), and I found this awesome Park!


The Easiest Place to park was near the Iron County School District lot, but to the left of it (while looking at the map). There was a bathroom right near the parking lot too.

From the parking lot to the play area was a bit of a walk if you have a toddler, so you may want to grab a stroller for this one.  There is a large grass area for sports and a paved trail good for biking, rollerblanding or scootering around the playground as well as a ramada.


You can see the beautiful landscape and the paved walkways. It was a CHILLY day when we were there, about 50 degrees.

Lots of picnic benches right near the play area, and tons of seating throughout the play area for parents.

It just looks so pretty. Rules for the park, of course.

The play area! Lots of wood structures, monkey bars, a bridge and the design was a-“maze”ing!

A cute little amplitheater stage (of “rocks”) and seating area, and a dino dig area as well!

Lots of great opportunities for dramatic play!

The tot area was acute with a little boat area, climbing spaces, slides and area to run around. While there were ramps to get to things, I’m not sure how “boundless” the playground was because of the mulch. It was a very nice area. If you have a toddler that is wobbly, be prepared to chase them a LOT at this park!

The playground is truly a maze of little nooks and crannies, so if you have a runner who doesn’t answer when you call them, this park might just drive you crazy! For my kids, and with my husband there as well, we were able to run after the littlest guy who gets himself in trouble, although there are some spaces that a parent can’t really fit into!

Like this!

There was also a tube slide and this fun slide!

And just tons of manipulatives all around the park, along with swings!

And a beautiful view! Yes, that is a lighthouse in the middle of Utah!

And these big metal bowls (I think for carrying sound?) Unfortunately it was SOO windy, it barely worked. If that was what they were there for!

And the back part of the park! Isn’t this just a Beautiful Park??

The Basics

Park Discovery

2077 W Royal Hunte Dr

Cedar City, Utah 84720



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