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Paradise Valley Park

If you are looking for a park that has a little something for the kids and the teens, this is the park for you. Not only does it have a Pool, green space, a dog park, a playground, but it also has a skate park!

Located at 17642 N 40th Street in Phoenix, it’s right off of the 51.

The entrance is off of 40th Street and it is not very wide at all, so make sure to take care when driving into the parking lot, especially if the sun is in your eyes as you turn. There are cinderblocks (like those at the front of a parking spot) that line the street so you can’t driving into the grass. I didn’t drive into one, I swear! But, I can see a distracted mom totally doing that. We parked right past the pool, which is the closest parking to the playground.

Lots of picnic benches and ramadas. There was also a small playground way out in the distance that we didn’t venture to. There were also so bars for swings, but many of them were missing.

It wasn’t the right season for the pool, but it looked like a lot of fun. You can see the cinderblock things I was talking about in this picture as well.

The tot playground was a great size for the three and under crowd, with a few slides, two little “fake rock walls” and a speaker.

I call this a “fake rock wall” but a lot of kids slide down this. I guess if you have diapers on, it isn’t too bad!

The bigger kid playground was wonderful, and very much like Asante Park¬†, so says my 7 year old “Park Connoisseur” . Haha. I guess it runs in the family to compare parks. It is very similar, even down to the amount of sand all around!

And a straight slide with bumps down it (not sure why) and a twisty slide.


And for those of you with Monkey children, the monkey bars will provide ample places for them to play. There was also a small, three sided “rock wall” on the other side of the steps that the kids liked hanging out in and playing house. Just keep an eye out they aren’t doing any “monkey business”!

Two sets of swings were also at this play area-four baby swings and four big kid swings.

Here’s Dimples on a little rocking tractor!

Paradise Valley Park had a lot to offer, and even a bit of shade from all the trees. There wasn’t any man made shade structures, however, so this park is definitely one to check out in the cooler weather. There was bathrooms somewhat near the park, but the women’s bathroom opened to the other side from the playground. It was a bit of a distance from the playground, so I highly suggest accompanying your child to the bathroom, even if they are older as there was a parking lot near the dog park closest to the bathroom.

This park has tons of greenspace, and with the pool, near the community center and the dog park, it’s a place for the whole family to go and check out!

The Basics

Paradise Valley Park

17642 N 40th Street Phoenix


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