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Paradise Cove Park-Phoenix

Paradise Cove Park is conveniently located right off of route 51 and East Bell Street in Phoenix. If you are looking for a GPS address to put in 3800 E Monte Cristo would also work.



Parking is on Street, but Monte Cristo and Paradise are pretty quiet streets, but I suggest Monte Cristo as it is closer to the playground

A large playground for the big kids with monkey bars, slides and lots of obstacles on a mix of sand and rubberized surface, and shaded with sails.


Learn about some dinosaurs on this playground, and hold yourself up using the crazy monkey bars.

A spiraling slide.

A moving climbing wall with handles on the side (not sure if this actually helps or not!)

This reminds me of swiss cheese, so we will call it a swiss cheese climber; an extra challenge for your climbing monkey types!


And if you are extremely monkey like and flexible, you can sit ON the monkey bars! Ohhh Munchie!

This was a great big spider climber! We have seen many of these at different parks. All ropes intertwined!

A toddler playground in sand was also available with lots of slides, and a small “plastic rock wall”.

Another view of the two playgrounds!

One wiggly wobble truck to play on (just one??!)

The blue pole is for water-bring your sand toys and your change of clothes!  (was not working when we visited)

Four swings were over the rubber surface-2 baby and two regular. Unfortunately, no shade!

This park also had a great, huge green area and many trees, along with sidewalks throughout the park. We saw many people walking and enjoying the late afternoon! This Park is great if you have little ones that like to run (not a lot of busy traffic plus big green space), like sand or like the slides. There is very little place for adults to sit near the playground, unfortunately! One teeny ramada was available, but not within a good viewing distance of the playground. I suggest bringing folding chairs if you have the chance to sit!

The Basics

Paradise Cove Park

3800 Monte Cristo

Phoenix, AZ

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