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Paloma Park Peoria

Paloma Park is the newest community park in Peoria. It is located in way north peoria at Dixileta and Lake Pleasant Parkway.

There is a traffic light at Dixileta and Lake Pleasant Parkway and the park is not visible from the street. The park is up a hill from Lake Plesasant Parkway and parking is off the street. There are two different parking lots. One is nearer the “Lake” and one is closer to playground and ball fields. Lighting is also available on the greenspace and ball fields.

A fishing lake is available! There is also this awesome statue too!

The gorgeous landscape is just amazing. Around the lake are seating areas and sand as well. No swimming or boating is allowed in the lake. Near the lake are a few ramadas with sinks and grills. Bathrooms were closest to the playground.


From the lake, we look towards the playground!! Look at all the beautiful grass too!

Here is a cute game for kids. It is like the game “Simon”. It worked pretty well, but I wonder how long it will last.

This was an awesome spinning wheel. I love the boundlessness of it! My kids loved it too!

Bathrooms were available near the splashpad.


The splashpad was not on and will not be on until (at least) April 2021. I am glad that it was shaded, but I do wish that there were a few more interactive items to it. We will be back to see it in action. The ground was the soft gummy material, so that was a plus for me.

Preschool Playground

A toddler playground was near the bathroom. It was also shaded!

The playscape for the toddlers was great-Perfect for our friends who don’t like mulch or sand! lots of climbing obstacles, but little ones will still need to be watched! some of it might be a little bit hard for the 2 year olds, so be careful. You can see a mom needing to help her little one on the ladder.

I think the toddler playground was not so “toddler. I think it was more preschool age and up. There were a lot of people at the park because we went for the grand opening so I wasn’t able to take a lot of detailed pictures without kids in it but we will be back for detailed pictures. Just be careful with your tots on this playground!

Near the tot playground was the concession area for the baseball fields! How awesome!

The Big Kids Playground at Paloma

The big kids playground was huge. There were three huge slides. And I loved how the shade sails covered everything.

There were reminders not to climb the outside of the slide. Of course, only on the green slide, not on the orange slide. My husband pointed this out. Of course, my oldest could figure out a way to do this.

We did notice that a lot of kids were coming down the slides and mention that their backs were hurting. The slides are very tightly curled..

The orange slide-as you can see-no “reminder” not to climb the outside of the slide.

Inside of the slide tower, Dimples says hello. There are ropes inside to climb up!

In the big kids playground at Paloma, this was an interesting feature. Usually there is a roller slide. This was a roller plate. Kids could use this almost as a treadmill. Just watch the teeth!

Behind it was the four person teeter totter. I love the teeter totter-You can see the same one at Mansel Carter Oasis Park or Loma Linda Park in Goodyear!

This park has some amazing features and we can’t wait to go back and take more pictures!

The Basics

Paloma Community Park

29799 N Lake Pleasant Parkway

Peoria, AZ

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