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Paiute Park Scottsdale

If you are looking for a huge splashpad in Scottsdale, Paiute Park is the one for you! We went on a semi cloudy day and had the run of the place!

Some of the city workers were tearing up the lawn and painting the signs and putting in new playground equipment, so we weren’t able to play on the playground, but that was ok! The Splashpad area was huge, rubberized and super enjoyable!


Bathrooms were available as well. they were a bit older and a little dank and dark, but suitable and clean.There was a small playground beyond the restrooms,but unfortunately, it was under construction so we were not able to visit it!



As you can see, Dimples is pushing the button to turn on the water. Unfortunately, not all of the water spigots were working on every pole, and it was a little worn, but safe. The kids had plenty of water to run through.


There was a nice ramada to sit in and a few benches surrounding the splash pad. The benches didn’t have many trees around them to provide shade, but we were there on a very cloudy day as you can see, and it was fine!


Two seals and an elephant were fun to climb on and they spouted water. I always see seals and elephants together (?!?!) but they were fun. Be careful as they are had and slippery when kids get wet. Munchie climbed one and hurt his lip when he fell, but he had fun anyhow!


These “water rings” were huge and far apart, which created a great running path for my kids!


Lots of green area and a soccer field. We were also within viewing of Papago Park!

2016-07-01-09.57.25I know some people like to know about power lines, and this park did have a great deal of power lines (perhaps a power plant of some sort) right near it. There were walls barricading it from the park.

This park is a hidden gem! The big space of the splash pad, the kids playground (that we didn’t photograph because it was under construction) and the huge greenspace right off of Osborn and 64th Avenue has a lot to offer, although the Google reviews aren’t so good!

The Basics

Pauite Park Scottsdale

3210 N 66th St




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