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Out of Africa-Drive Through-

This review took place during restrictions place in May. So, this is not a full review of the park, but the best based on the availability of the park at our time visiting! Hope this helps you enjoy a day out!

Out of Africa is Located in Camp Verde Arizona, 3505 W State Route 260.

From Surprise, it was about an hour and a half drive, which wasn’t too bad. Off of i17, the 260 was just a few minutes away. 260 didn’t have too much for food or drink options, but the zoo did have take out options and there are single stall bathrooms available. There usually is a dine in experience at the Zoo, but because of restrictions in 2020, there is no option at this time.

On our way up to the zoo, there was a brush fire on the side of the road. This made for an interesting sight seeing, but a little bit scary. We just made it before they closed i17 northbound for at least an hour. I highly recommend following ArizonaDOT on Twitter when you want to head on i17. It will save you a lot of headaches on knowing if the road is closed or not. Even if you don’t want to be on twitter, I have found this has the latest information, moreso than any of the news stations. Sign up for a free twitter account just for ArizonaDOT.

The Sunset Point Rest Area was also open with no issues. It was less busy than average, and there were no issues with people social distancing.

The experience for the Out of Africa Park is completely drive through. Like I said, there are restrooms you can visit at the beginning or end of the tour in their parking lot. Restrooms are all single stall bathrooms with their own sink. The bathrooms are huge and you could probably fit ten people in each bathroom. There is a gift shop that is open (my father in law went in, I did not), and there is food to purchase from your vehicle.

The drive through is open! The Price is $20 for adults, and $10 for kids 3-12 (free for kids under 3) plus tax. The gal who charged us took our money from our car, ran to the admissions desk and then came back with our change. None of the shows are available and you must stay in your car at all times.

Seeing the Animals

You can get a very nice view of many of the animals. I suggest having little ones sit on a big persons lap if they can. We let the big guys unbuckle and I had Dimples on my lap as we drove around, very slowly. I would open and close my windows as it was sometimes dusty.

The animals are all fenced in, so you won’t be having them come up to your cars or eating from the inside of your car. But, many times there will be a guide outside of the gated area that can tell you about the animals.

The guides were so very nice and appreciative to have visitors! Just remember, you can’t get out of your car.


Even if you get a beckoning look from a giraffe.

Lots of Lions

There were actually three male lions on this ledge, and three workers behind them! It was amazing. And, the scenery too!

These male lions just looked so majestic!

But, they weren’t the only big cat here ! Watch out!

There were a lot of different areas for the lions to perch, run up and down and check out who was watching them too.

We saw some lemurs too. Can you find the lemur in my picture? All Hail King Julian!

We saw a lot of animals During out time at Out of Africa, and I would say our drive time inside was about 45 minutes. My pictures in the blog are not even close to half of the animals we saw.

There is one point where you could do the loop again, and probably no one would care, unless it was 4pm. It was really a nice getaway and definitely worth our trip. Our kids enjoyed seeing the animals we have been studying at home and even corrected my father in law for calling the female lion a “he” instead of a “she”.

If you are looking for a place where you feel appropriately social distanced and a place to get out of the valley with something with a little learning and supports wildlife, this is a fun place to go for a few hours. Just check ADOT before you go!

Under “normal circumstances” Out of Africa has shows, a reptile area that is open, many ziplines, an African Bush Safari, an aviary, a snake show and more! So, there are a ton of reasons to come back.

The Basics

Out of Africa

3505 W SR-260 Camp Verde

Drive through open everyday, Snacks available Wed-Sunday. 9:30-4pm. Drive through closes at 4pm.

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