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Orangewood Park Glendale

When we are out and about in different parts of the valley, I love to drop in on a park and write about parks, just like Orangewood Park in Glendale.Orangewood Parks Lit basketball courts

Sand Volleyball courts Orangewood

Ramadas orangewood park

Orangewood Park is located at 71st Avenue and a little bit south of Northern Avenue in Glendale. It had no bathrooms, but a two shaded playgrounds, a shaded ramada areas and grills, benches in the shade and benches under trees, green space, lit basketball courts, and sand volleyball courts and a quieter area for the kids.


There is no parking lot, but on street parking on a somewhat commercial street. It isn’t really a busy area, but had some traffic.

The good:lots of space to play, nice playgrounds and ramadas.

Little kids playground Orangewood

The tot area was cute but it was separated by the ramadas. Slides and some climbing features. And metal slides. Interesting…

Monkey Bars with tires

The tires under the monkey bars. The monkey bars were really low that my four year old would have no issue touching from the mulch. So, I’m not exactly sure who this was supposed to be for!!

Big kids playground

You can see Munchie in this picture trying to reach the twisted metal climber. So, it was really hard for him to reach and he is an average 8 year old. I felt like it was too far from the platform. Giggles had a hard time too. There were more climbing obstacles and a few slides on the big kids playscape.

And more metal slides. I don’t get it!


I did like that Orangewood Park had big kids swings under the big kids shaded area and in the mulch, and the baby swings were under the tot playground.

Orangewood Park View

So, when I went to take this picture (and why it’s a bit crooked) was I realized all the GLASS that I was stepping on. There was garbage throughout the field and I had flip flops on. So, I quickly took this picture and retreated. I was really disappointed that Orangewood Park had so much garbage all over the grass. While there has been some wind storms lately, I don’t feel like all the garbage was due to that. I am a big proponent of picking up after yourself and even helping out and cleaning, but I didn’t have gloves on me or a garbage bag. I have written to the City of Glendale in regards to the condition of Orangewood Park.

This park would have been amazing with bathrooms and a clean greenspace. After seeing how soiled the grass area was, I urged my kids to get a move on because I was afraid of the condition of the mulch play area and the sand volleyball area.

Rule of thumb-pick up after yourself, please! It makes a huge difference!

The Basics

Orangewood Park Glendale

71st Avenue and Northern


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