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Online Courses for ELA

I remember when school work used to be “reading, writing and arithmetic” and then in about 6th grade, it turned into “Language Arts”.

But, we have a great list of Online Courses for ELA for your kids.

So, if you are looking for online programs for your children to help them get better at reading and understanding, I am here to solve that problem. Or are we talking about math again? If you are looking for math, we have a post about online math programs for kids too! And, a new Writing post too!

Reading Eggs

This is a great program I recommend to anyone who has a young child (3+). If you are looking for your child to learn how to read, this is an amazing program. I have taught two of my three children with this program. Each lesson is fun and interactive and there are worksheets that go along with each lesson that you can print out, or you can buy workbooks. There are always promo codes floating around the internet, so I highly suggest looking for some before you buy in! Reading Eggs also has an additional Mathseeds program, plus they just added in Fast Phonics for kids ages 5-10 and they have a reading program for kids ages 7-13.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy starts their Reading and language arts program in 2nd grade and it is in Beta Version right now (2020). Free.


Starts at Prek and has printables available. Goes all the way to 12th grade. Talks about grammar, punctuation as well. Free

Get Clever (Nightzookeeper)

This is a paid subscription as well, and it is separate from their math program. It is Common Core aligned and is for ages 6-12.

Adventure Academy

Similar to Reading Eggs, Adventure Academy serves a little bit older children ages 8-13 and goes over Multiplication, division, geometry, fractions and word problem. It also has a reading and spelling component.


Readworks has online information and passages for kids k-12 and is free. Parents or teachers need to log on and can set up an account for kids. Pick between topics and goals. Free has ELA games, free worksheets, guided lessons, lesson plans and more. Some are free and some are paid.

Mr. Nussbaum

Mr. Nussbaum has lots of different options on their site. From reading, to grammar, to spelling, you can find lots of free games. There are ads on the site, but there are a LOT of great free things. Mr. Nussbaum isn’t just limited to ELA either.

Are there other ones you would like to add?

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