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OdySea Mirror Maze

Update 2018 for OdySea Mirror Maze

Not too much has changed in the Mirror Maze since we went in 2014 (oh my gosh, 4 years ago!). However, around the mirror maze is where everything has changed! Giggles and I had a good time, but she only wanted to go in once. It did get very dark in there! But, luckily I did remember the spinning thing in the floor so I knew what to look for!

From 2014:

Last week the kids and I checked out the Mirror Maze and it was a great time. The service from the staff was spectacular-let’s dive in!


The OdySea “Complex” has a Butterfly Wonderland, the OdySea Mirror Maze and Lazer Maze and has OdySea Aquarium, as well as the Bumper Boats, Four Peaks Mining Company,  Pangaea, Polar Play and many restaurants.  If you have little ones, I highly recommend putting them in a carrier because a stroller will not work in the mirror maze.


The parking for the Mirror Maze is all in front of the Butterfly Wonderland. There are a lot of signs leading to the Mirror Maze, but it does feel like you are going to a “back door” to get there.



The lobby for the mazes was very friendly and bright. The doors you are looking at now are for the “Vault” which is the Laser Maze.


We stopped in the bathrooms first (no changing area) which I highly recommend. The last thing you want is a child to have to use the bathroom and have to find your way out of the maze in a panic. There were two birthday/event rooms that I saw in passing.

We were also “issued” plastic gloves. I am not sure if they were latex or not, but they were like doctor’s would wear, so you may want to bring your own if you are allergic to latex. The gloves are put on so that when you inevitably touch a mirror it doesn’t leave prints. At first I thought “why would I touch the mirror?” Because of the way they are angled, you inadvertently reach out after you have walked into one five times so you don’t keep repeating the same mistake.



I let Munchie Lead the way. Keeping the kids together was a little hard, I must admit! Munchie is also not exactly direction-ally savvy.

Also, because there was only one other family there, the person working at the front desk put on “not scary music and lighting”. I’m not sure what their “scary” is, but I was thankful my children were not scared. The music was a “rainforest” like type of music and the lights were constantly changing from orange to blue to red to yellow, so it was enjoyable, however the pace of the music was kind of fast so I felt like I had to rush through.

IMG_4558 I was carrying Dimples (thank goodness for the Bjorn)! He had a great time looking at himself in all of the mirrors.

I won’t give away any clues to how to find your way out, but it was a lot of fun. It was a type of team building experience for my kids as well. The staff was super courteous and didn’t even laugh when we thought we found the exit, but in fact we just went back to the entrance! They also suggested we go back in and look for butterflies, but Giggles threw her gloves off and said “No, I’m done!”. I think she was tired out!

In the Lobby they also had a few drinks and food items for sale (all packaged), so quenching a thirst or satisfying an appetite before you hit the road is possible. And, stopping in to use the bathroom on the way out is also recommended as there really is not much around the area at all.

The Basics

OdySea Mirror Maze

9500 E. Via de Ventura
Scottsdale, AZ 85256

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