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Northwest Valley Family YMCA

The Northwest Valley Family YMCA (yes, what a mouthful!) is located right near the police station and Gateway Park in El Mirage.

At the entry of the YMCA, you’ll find the large workout area with free weights, spinning machines, stair machines, treadmills, rowing machines, and pretty much any other machine you can think of. This room is huge! Many of the cardio machines have tvs on them, so you can plug in your headphones and watch Netflix and Hulu!

From this main room, under the APS sign is a large Gymnasium used for many different sports.


There were people in the gym using it for “free gym time” but there are a total of 6 basketball hoops, plus a net that can be pulled down to separate the gymnasium.

northwest valley family multipurpose room

Next to the gymnasium was a multipurpose room used for dance classes, itty bitty sports classes, tumbling classes and after school programs. If you have a little one that needs an introductory class for sports, the Northwest Valley Family YMCA has itty bitty sports classes! This was news to me!

Not pictured was a classroom used for exercise and fitness classes. A class was going on, and it looked intense! I wasn’t about to join in my heels!

After School Rooms

after school room

This is the after school room for the YMCA and is used for homework, crafts and other fun activities. My tour guide explained many of the kids who come to the Y after school also do other activities after school, so this is their “base” in between other activities. The Northwest Valley Family YMCA is patching up the walls right now (Sept 2019) in order to repaint everything, so there is a bit of transition in this room and another one!

Another room not pictured is used for teens and tweens. The YMCA has a Youth and Government, Teen leaders, Volunteerism, Basketball, Volleyball, Swin Teem, Club Volleyball and Personal Training for Teens.

pool ymca

The Pool

Speaking of the pool, you might have never seen the pool from the outside! The pool is an outdoor pool, but it somewhat shaded from the fields surrounding it because of the blowing dust. There is a zero entry to the pool, and anyone under twelve must have swim test to swim in the lanes (and then wear a wristband designating themselves as swimworthy). Parents are encouraged to go in with their children to the pool!

Also, lifeguards are on duty for open swim times. You can find all the open swim times on their website.

Easily accessible bathrooms and showers outside without having to go back into the locker rooms! And, water fountains too.

But, you need a locker room and a changing area. And, if you are like me- a mom who has kids that can’t always get dressed on their own still, a family changing area is necessary. And, the Northwest Valley Family YMCA has that!


The changing and bathroom area is large! One toilet, plus a separate shower area with a shower curtain. If you are lucky enough to shower off separately from your children, that is! A combination shampoo/conditioner is provided in a dispenser. Visitors must provide their own towels and their own locks, and all lockers must be cleared out by the end of the day.

Childcare Room

childcare center Family Y

There is also a childcare center at the YMCA! This is an amazing feature. Caretakers do not change diapers or do feedings, however they do cuddle and snuggle babies and little ones. Plus, an art station for bigger kids, and an area for kids to play movement games on the tv (the only reason the TV is there-Kinect/Wii).

YMCA outdoor area

The Kids area also has a semi covered outdoor area. All children who go outside must have closed toed shoes, but it is a large area with playscape and outdoor toys, chalk and more.

Parents who wish to use the childcare area while using the facilities at the YMCA fill out a profile for their child and then check them in using a tablet. The child will receive a sticker that they wear with their name and the parent will get a sticker with matching identification. The child will have an outline around their sticker if there are any medical needs. There is a two hour limit on child care per day. (not including after school programs).

Outdoor Basketball

outdoor basketball court

Two outdoor basketball courts sit next to the pool. The Basketball courts are also lighted.


Hockey Rink

This full hockey sized hockey rink was provided by the Arizona Coyotes NHL team. Inline Skates can be used on this hockey rink. Or, participants can play floor hockey while running. This hockey rink is next to the outdoor basketball courts. How fun is this?

Other Programming

The Northwest Valley Family YMCA has after school programming and you might have seen their buses traveling around Surprise. If you are looking for a program that offers more than just a place for your kids to hang out after school, this might be for your family.

The YMCA has a place for your kids to do their homework, but also offers rotating programming such as Karate, Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Hockey, Wrestling, Dance, Cheer, Korean Swords, Swim Lessons and Swim team. Northwest Valley Family YMCA also offers Summer Camps.

Adults also have great programs too! There are group fitness classes, Karate, Korean Swords, Personal Training, Swim Lessons and Volunteering available.

The YMCA also offers nonmembers and members parents night out, but members get more benefits of the parent nights out. Also, there are more benefits for members. There are discounts for memberships if you are in the military, but the YMCA is also willing to work with families to help them meet their needs.

I was really excited to see all the wonderful things inside of this building and all the amazing programs that I didn’t know they offered! The Northwest Valley Family YMCA looks so small from afar because the fields are so large, but the building is huge!

I highly suggest giving them a call if you have a child that is interested in any of this programming, or if you are an adult that is looking for a place to belong!

The Basics

Northwest Valley Family YMCA

12450 W Cinnabar Ave

El Mirage

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