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North Mountain Park

North Mountain Park in Phoenix is another beautiful location in Phoenix for hiking. While this area doesn’t have a ton of trails, it does offer a playscape, a small walking trail within the park and a long winding roadwithin the park that has a large shoulder for walking on. If you want a challenge, the road within the park is very hilly and will give you a great workout without being on a main road!

For this post, we focused on the playground, which is located at the top for the road. There were bathrooms, ramadas and a nice paved trail (Penny Howe Barrier Free Trail 0.3 miles), like the Dreamy Draw Park. However, it was much shorter than Dreamy Draw and did a small loop. It has plant signs located throughout the trail and elevation change is 40 feet.

playground north mountain park

The Playground was not one of the newest I have seen but was in rather good condition. Unfortunately, there was no shades. It was surrounded by sand. There was a picnic area nearby and at the top of the small hill. A swing set was located on the left of this fence, rather far away.

The swing set. I didn’t like that the swing set and the playground were separated by a large tree/bush area. If you have more than one child and they decided to do different things, you coudn’t see both at the same time, unless you were above them at one of the ramadas or in the parking lot above. Which, that wouldn’t really make sense if you were a parent with small kids!

The playground had nice features, like a bridge, easy to navigate stairs and lots of slides.

Bring lots of buckets for the sand!

Lots of picnic areas, but many were unshaded. Not the best in the Phoenix area!

But there were such gorgeous views toward the Phoenix Mountain Preserve. The day was very cloudy, but it was just a lovely view.


There is three parking locations at North Mountain Park . Two are at the bottom of the hill and one is at the top of the hill near the playground. The bottom location is good for using the shoulder of the road for exercise. There is also a large ramada at the bottom and the trail

The top parking location is good for the playground and hiking trails . There is also a small three spot location at the top with a ramada with some trails.

The Basics

North Mountain Park

1608 N 7th Street Phoenix

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