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Nevitt Park Phoenix

When you end up being extremely early to another event, you end up finding a park. And, sometimes the park can be good, and sometimes the park can be bad. And sometimes the park can be so so

Nevitt Park in Phoenix was a so so Park

Looking around the area, you could see that there was a re-beautification of sorts going around the area. Nevitt School, which was right next to the park, looked like it was getting a full facelift from the outside. Unfortunately, I have no idea what was happening on the inside.

I can only hope that the park might be next!

Nevitt park playground

This was the toddler playscape. It was a nicely functional playscape with stairs, three slides, a small climber and some dramatic play areas. The mulch was lacking quite a bit and definitely needed some more fill for the toddlers. Behind the toddler play scape were two baby swings and two big kid swings which were way too high off of the ground, but this could have been because of the mulch fill issue.

big slide nevitt park

We did see quite a bit of broken glass on the ground as well, which was a little bit disappointing. There was no shade over the play areas, and very little trees (although they were not in bloom the time of year we went -March 2019. ) I would hope that with the upgrade of the school there would be shades put in place as well.

sand volleyball nevitt park

Lit sand volleyball courts were available at the park too as well as a lot of greenspace.

bathrooms nevitt park

There were small bathrooms available as well. My husband took the kiddos in there and said there was a lot of broken glass inside the restroom area and no water was running for the sinks.

playground nevitt park

The “big kids” playground had more climbing features that you can see to the slide platforms, but the twisty slide looked like it had been in rough shape and had been patched.

slide nevitt park

This slide looked super bumpy and would be great fun for the three plus year olds! The mulch was also lacking at this playground as well. The big playground was just a few feet away from the young kids playground.

monkey bars nevitt park
swings nevitt park

The swings are always a big hit for my kids. I always make them figure out how to get on them and how to get them moving. But, once they do, they LOVE the thrill.

This park had great space, a lot of character in the area (near the Tempe Diablos stadium) and a cute neighborhood around it. However, I really wished they had more than one small ramada and some shades for the playgrounds. It looked like the play structures needed a little paint and touch up and hopefully that would be coming along side the school remodel.

Parking was along the school so I am guessing start and dismissal times are very busy at this park! Luckily, it was a beautiful day and we were able to tour this area and check out a park and get fresh air and exercise!

The Basics

Nevitt Park Phoenix

6815 S 44th Way, Phoenix, AZ 85042

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