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Musings of a 10der Heart

Musings of a 10der (tender) Heart By Bev Galligan is a wonderful book, especially for girls. If you have ever had a little sister (or brother) that has annoyed you, this may be a great book for you to read. If you have a child that has a sibling that is constantly annoying them, this may be a great book for them to read, or to read to them.

You most likely will want a box of tissues around for this story!

We meet our main character who tells us about her younger sister, Matilda (aka Tilly). Tilly is what every little sister is-a follower, a joiner, an excited interrupted. Tilly wants to do everything big sister does. And, of course our main character just wants to be left alone.

One day, our main character wants to run over to her friends house, but without her sister. She runs out of the house before her mother allows her Tilly to join in the fun. Unfortunately, an accident occurs that changes everything. Our main character now realizes how much her little sister means to her. She also realizes that she was pretty selfish to exclude her from playing.

If you have children who squabble a lot, or like to exclude each other, this is a great book to have them read. Especially great for girls, this book is perfect for 2nd-5th graders to read on their own. This would work as a read aloud book for kindergarten and up.

Where you can find Musings of a 10der Heart

To Purchase “Musings of a 10der Heart”, you can Visit Bev Galligan’s Etsy Shop here. I was lucky enough to be introduced to Bev Galligan who is a self-published author of a few books. Ms. Galligan has been inspired by her life, her children and her grandchildren. She loves to speak with young children in the Phoenix area about books and often goes into schools to read aloud to local children.

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We received the book for free in exchange for a review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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