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Museum of Natural Curiosity at Thanksgiving Point-Lehi Utah

The Museum of Natural Curiosity was a “must see” by my friends who knew Salt Lake City, so when I found out they were participating in the reciprocal program with the Arizona Science Center membership program, I said “Let’s Go”! (check out if they are currently involved here ).

Located in Lehi, Utah, about 30 minutes south of Salt Lake City, and right off of I-15, Thankgsiving Point  is a huge area of tons of shopping and fun for the whole family. My review is just part of all the activities available at Thanksgiving Point!

Museum of Ancient Life with Mammoth Screen Theater

Ashton Gardens

Farm Country

And Food Venues too!

But let’s get to the Museum of Natural Curiosity. First of all, it is huge. Second of all, it is near a golf course/driving range and I could almost feel my husband being pulled to the golf course.

And I am glad he did. Once again, the place is HUGE!

The parking lot is also really big too. When we arrived, we saw a few buses as well, but luckily for us, they were pulling out!

Whimsical bike racks, because it is semi residential too. Inside of the building is the water area (that you can see behind the glass). We will touch upon that later!


The building is just beautiful. I don’t think it would work so well in Arizona with all the windows. And yes, there is a cute “little door” for little kids too!

And from the inside! soo adorable!

The lobby is huge and with stantions, so I can only imagine how busy this place can be! To the left was the cafe (we did not visit as we snack and snack and snacked some more in our car).

Since I had the reciprocal pass, I showed my Arizona Science Center membership and my ID, and we were in! Easy peasy, no dollars out of my wallet!

A little peek into the cafe as I went by. There were also restrooms to the left of the fountains.

This was the three story climber. It was a maze of different climbing apparatuses, net bridges and dark little corners. In the last picture, you can see Giggles leading Dimples across a rope bridge. Dimples was not a fan of the climbers. There were a few stair cases that you could use to get back up to certain levels to help out your kids. Some of the areas were very low, and similiar to the Children’s Museum of Phoenix, I recommend leaving bags at the bottom if you can (though they do not have a rule). I went up to retrieve Dimples, and then he and Giggles ran off, but luckily made their way back down to Dad. The Rainforest only has exits and entries at the bottom floor, so you don’t have to worry that your kids are going to end up on another floor of the museum! Munchie, 7, had a great time as did Giggles, but it was too much for an overtired Dimples, 4.

Above the rainforest is a similar ropes course to the one at Main Event in Avondale.  Museum of Natural curiosity calls it a Canopy Tour, and it is really, really high up. I’d say 30-40′ ! eek

There is also a “Trading Post” where you can trade your items for new ones. I didn’t take much of a look at it while we were at the museum, but you can see what it is about here.

Underneath the climbing structure was a “be brave” or “fear factor” for kids. Touching things you didn’t know and going on a maze in the dark, while crawling. For some odd reason, I thought it would be a great idea to go in with Munchie. I get clausterphobic in elevators. Luckily I had my phone on me, I threw on the flashlight and made our way out. It didn’t take us long, but as I was touching things in there, I kind of started to wonder how clean it was.

On the bottom floor, where the Rainforest “base” was, there was also a projected smart screen.

The kids were moving so fast . Note to self, need high speed camera for smart board pics! There was also an elevator to get down to this level if you had little ones, as well as a bathroom to the right of the elevator. As of Sept 2017, there was an area that was still being developed on the first floor as well.

Also on the bottom floor was a great area for toddlers. Dimples tried to keep sneaking in there.

The kids play area in the rain forest, which was also near the Trading Post and the “Market” area.

There was lots to play with!

We then headed upstairs to the Waterworks area. Which I thought was kind of a funny play on words, since “waterworks” can also mean children crying!

There was just SO much to do in this room, including building and checking out wind, hurricanes, earthquakes and of course water.

And, there is a sign that says you have to wear your clothes-not a bathing suit. There were aprons and boots to borrow to stay dry. However, with kids-expect to need a change of clothes.

You can stand on here and see a twister form around you. It wasn’t very strong, but it was interesting.

Water movers where you could turn water on and off and make it spin down a drain.

All that water !!

My favorite part of this whole place was the baby water table. YEP! BABY WATER TABLE! There are actually little high chair seats in the table. Amazing. Bring a change of clothes for yourself too!


Baby water table!

The next place we went to was the “City”. There was just SO much there, plus an area for the littles.

The city area was HUGE! There was also a magician, a veterinarian. It was amazing. And, once again, just one way in and out of everything. The bank was super fun as well. I am pretty sure we didn’t fully experience this whole area and could have spent our entire time here!

The treehouse was ok-there were things to step on and play with, but I think the space was big and the displays didn’t fill the whole room, so we didn’t stay too long.

We then headed outside to the playground attached to the museum. I am not sure if they playground was free or you needed to have admission for the museum. It was attached to the gardens, but it was locked at a gate. We were a bit confused. But, the playground was excellent! However, our Arizona blood couldn’t take the 45 degree temperatures for too long!

The zipline was really nice because it had a fence around it (Not sure how many times I have almost seen a kid get taken out by those), however, it wasn’t really good for anyone in the adult size. I totally bottomed out on my bottom before the end. I thought my husband had taken a video, but thankfully, he didn’t. Unless he is using it for blackmail. Hmmm.

The park area was really massive, and let to the gardens. The gardens had a pond and a cave and even some splash pad areas, but at this point we were really hoping that they weren’t going on (45 degrees out) and we were hangry.

So, we stayed at the museum for a good 2 and a half hours, but could have easily stayed all day. I was almost hoping we would have enough time to go back before we left Salt Lake City, but they are not open on Sundays. Boo!

If you are in the Salt Lake Area, I highly recommend going. You won’t be disappointed (unless it is super busy!).

The Basics

Museum of Natural Curiosity

Thanksgiving Point

3605 Garden Dr, Lehi, UT 84043

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