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Murphy Park Peoria

Murphy Park is located just a few streets away from Hayes Park, and has some lovely playscapes to check out!

full park murphy park

Murphy Park has off street parking, plus the neighborhood was pretty quiet as well.

Hayes Park had a basketball court, baseball field and backs up to Ira A Murphy Elementary School. Bathrooms are also available.

spinning and climbing murphy park

This playground has the spinning, climbing apparatus! A true challenge for the children who love to act like monkeys!

spine murphy park

I look at these climbers and think it looks like a spine! What do you think?

This park is not really good for toddlers or smaller preschoolers. Great for your bigger elementary school kids!

slide murphy park

The slides and climbers were amazing. The leaves that you could climb were very interesting and original! Definitely better for smaller feet.

slides murphy feet

So many slides with bends in them! My kids really loved how they slid down them. There was a LOT of speed.


If you have a toddler at this park, there are some manipulatives for them to play with, but the steering wheel was placed a bit high for the interest level. But, that’s just my thought. I think that this park was really best for bigger kids. The park was mostly fenced towards the street, so that was beneficial if you do have smaller kids!

I really liked this park! If you are park hopping, this is a great park if you have older preschoolers that are very good at climbing to elementary school kids!

The Basics

Murphy Park

7230 W Cheryl Dr, Peoria, AZ 85345

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