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Mr. Fossil’s Dino Farm

Do you have a child that loves Dinosaurs? Our house is full of dino lovers!

Mr. Fossil’s Dino Farm is a follow up board book to a game that creator Jason Heath, owner of Game on 23rd made up while playing with a friend’s son. He wanted to create a game that would be enjoyable for kids and adults to play.

Mr. Fossil’s Dino Farm, the game, took off in popularity, but customers were asking for a book too. Jason realized that a book would be a great pairing, so he slowly sketched out a storyline for the book based on the game.

The book features Ria and her four friends heading to Mr. Fossil’s Dino Farm. The friends check out different dinosaurs and go on a counting adventure. Ria and her friends find the multicolored dinos having fun, but one dinosaur was missing. Could the team of friends find the missing dinosaur and perform a rescue?

mr dino fossil farm

This whimsical dino book is perfect for the dinosaur loving child in your life that is aged 2-6 years old. Mr. Fossil’s Dino Farm teachers ordinal numbers, dinosaurs, teamwork and friendship. The illustrations are bright and colorful and the story is short enough to keep the attention span of an active child! Mr. Fossil’s Dino Farm may even take you back to remembering the Flintstones!

This amazing book is now available through pledging through Kickstarter!

Are you familiar with Kickstarter? Kickstarter is a great way to help creators make their dream a reality. Jason would love to get these books in the hands of tons of families for Christmas. If he reaches his goal of $4000, all of the pledges will get collected. If not, pledges are returned. But, let’s make this happen, people! It’s an amazing book full of imagination, teamwork, courage and love.

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Packages Available for Mr. Fossil’s Dino Farm

For Every Book pledged, Game on 23rd will donate $1 to the Barbara Bush Literacy Foundation.

Mr Fossil’s Dino Farm, the game, was also launched on Kickstarter and was extremely successful. I know that this book will follow in the game’s path. I was so excited to talk with Jason about this book and hope that this will be the first in a series of books based on the game. Mr. Fossil’s Dino Farm is a must for the home library of dinosaur loving kids.

The Basics

Mr. Fossil’s Dino Farm-available now through Kickstarter! Through August 31st!

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