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Phoenix area with kids

What to expect if you are moving the Phoenix Area with Kids.

As a person who has moved cross country with three little kids to an unknown area, I know how scary and exciting a change can be. Whether you are moving here for work, a lifestyle change,  or getting away from cold winters or high taxes, research is vita.

IMG_3411If you are moving to the Phoenix area, you’ll find it is extremely family and kid friendly. There are lots of libraries with storytimes, parks, splashpads, City and Community Pools and activities through the Parks and Recreation departments of each city. Since Peoria, Goodyear, and Surprise each have baseball stadiums for spring training, the cities not only use the facilities for the baseball players, but for movie nights and other great city events!


Nature and Outdoor life for Phoenix Area


If nature is more of your thing, the White Tank mountains are a great place to explore and have very family friendly walking trails. At the White Tank Regional Library, there is a nature center and a small trail near the library as well! The Phoenix Zoo and Desert Botanical Garden are near Papago Park in Phoenix (the hole in the rock) and have great trails in each. On the West side, there is also World Wildlife  Zoo, which is opening new exhibits and rides in 2016! The World Wildlife Zoo is very close to Luke Air Force Base, and is a highlight of the West Valley.

For NASCAR Fans, The Phoenix International Raceway is in Avondale, and also hosts kid friendly events such as watching the movie “Cars” while getting to sit on the racetrack!

IMG_5975Farms in the Phoenix Area

Surprise is also very farm friendly, and you can find Rousseau’s trucks driving carrots down the roads, delivering them and other vegetables to our local grocery stores. If Citrus fruit is more your thing, taking a trip down to Truman’s Ranch to pick your own. The picture shows the owner showcasing all the different types of citrus grown on the farm, which you can taste test before you pick.





Celebrations and Holidays in the Phoenix Area

Are you interested in holiday themed celebrations? Surprise, Peoria and Glendale all have great Christmas events in December. Glendale has “Glendale Glitters” with over 1 million Christmas lights decorating the downtown area, Surprise has the “Surprise Party” and Peoria has the “Old Towne Christmas Festival“. Many churches also have great events, and you can find them at our Events page, which is updated each month with kid friendly events for the different special holiday seasons.

Museums in the Phoenix Area

IMG_8597Museums in the Valley are also in abundance! Between the Children’s Museum of Phoenix, the I.D.E.A Museum in Mesa, The Halle Heart Museum in Tempe, The Arizona Science Center in Phoenix, and the Desert Cabelleros Museum in Wickenburg (just to name a few!), there are lots of great learning experiences for your kids.


Where to play in the summer in the Phoenix Area

Since the summer is hot (Yes, it is hot), there are great businesses that are ready for you and your kids to play inside. The museums are a great place to go and the kids need to burn some energy, take a look at the Indoor Play Bucket List. Luckily, the summer heat is only rough between June and August.

Saving money/electricity in the Phoenix Area

Many people ask about the electricity and water costs we have in Arizona. I put together a little presentation for my MOPs (Mothers of Preschoolers) group that is helps explain how to save money, especially on electricity. If you will be an APS customer, this will apply to you. I have found APS to be very helpful in answering questions regarding saving money on electrical costs. SRP, which covers the east valley, also has similar programs to APS for electrical usage savings.

Support for families and moms in the Phoenix Area

Moving to a new location where you don’t know anyone can be very hard-I was there a few times in my life, and sometimes you just need to find a place where you belong. There are a lot of great mom’s groups available, so there is no need to be a lonely mom!

Schools in the Phoenix Area

Arizona has charter schools, private preschools, public schools and one of the best (if not the best) laws on homeschooling. Charter Schools require an application to get in, but they are free to anyone who is willing to drive their children to that particular school, as long as there is room. Public Schools are based on the area you live in, however, Arizona does have open enrollment, which is based upon capacity.

I hope that this guide to Arizona helps you! I am also a local Realtor®, and love working with families who need to move cross country. My husband is an Army Veteran and we have many friends and family across the country who are military, so I can appreciate the needs of the Military families as well. On my Real Estate Website, I have put together a list (with Photographs) of the many communities in Surprise, but I also work in the rest of the West Valley as well.

Please contact me if you have any questions regarding the area, groups, events or locations in the area. I would be happy to help!

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