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Mortimer Farms Sweet Corn Festival

I was super excited to find out about the Mortimer Farms Sweet Corn Fest through a blogging network that I joined. As a part of this opportunity, my family did receive complimentary admission, but 100% of my views are unbiased and my of my own free will.

The drive up to Dewey takes about an hour and a half from Surprise, so its really an easy drive-if you are able to get your kids to nap on the way there or the way back. We brought a few snacks along for the ride and the kids’ leap pads, and of course, WATER! Hot in the desert, and you always want to be prepared. We knew of a good rest stop if we needed it (Check out the post on Red Rock Park in Sedona, since we head up the same way on I-17), but we were lucky to make it up pretty easily. There were warnings of a wildfire (we didn’t see one) and there were rain/storm clouds moving in as we drove, which made us a bit apprehensive about our trip. However, we were lucky that when we got to Dewey, there was a nice cloud cover, a breeze and a cool 85 degrees!


There were a few food vendors, like Kona Ice, as well as Dippin Dots, Kettle Corn, Mexican food and Tamales, burgers, corn and a few other things. Kettle corn was definitely a popular thing. It smelled so yummy!








One thing I absolutely LOVED was that admission covered most of the rides as well. The admission between the Sweet Corn Festival and the Pumpkin Festival is different as they have a few more things for the Pumpkin Festival (for instance, the corn maze is not ready yet).


There were blow up inflatable slides that they sprayed water on-great for if it was hot. We didnIMG_9070‘t bring our bathing suits with us, but if its hot, there’s this option! We also saw water balloons near the bathrooms, so, watch out. The bathrooms available ar the “port o potty” type, and there is a sink available. You may want to bring your own little bottle of hand sanitizer in case.






You may also notice that the ground looks bumpy-there was small loose rock/gravel. If you have an umbrella stroller, it will be difficult to push through the grounds. It’s not a big area so little ones can easily walk, but if you have a little one that will not like to walk far, I suggest a carrier or a stroller with bigger wheels (like a jogger).


We checked out the “Redneck swings” and “Redneck Carousel” . My kids loved this, and the teens that were working the carousel were very sweet to the kiddos. Right next to it was face painting. We opted out of this as my husband and I were both wearing white shirts and we knew where the face paint would end up, but I saw it on other children (brave parents) and the designs were really neat!






The Barrel Train was by far the kids favorite. My favorite because I didn’t have to race in line to buy tickets, and divide it amongst the kids (because mostly everything is included in the admission price), and the kids could go on it again and again. And even Little Dimples, at two, got to ride. He loved it so much he had a death grip getting off of it and had his very first “I don’t want to leave here” fit. Tons of fun. I had never seen a barrel train before either!



IMG_9080 IMG_9082

The hay ride was next, sans hay (thank goodness. If you have every done a hay ride with hay, its kind of itchy. But, I’m thinking they may put hay on it in the future, in the middle, to get more people in. If they do, be prepared and have a little sweatshirt or something to put under your bottom. Trust me, you’ll thank me for it!

We got to take a little tour of the farm and it was really fun and bumpy. You’ll want to hold your littler ones. Kids also seem to like to climb onto the seats-make sure they don’t do that. It’s bumpy and a lot of fun (so, if your kid gets motion sickness, stay away).

IMG_9086 IMG_9087

What do you think is in the boxes?? BEES! The bees beeeeeee-haved very well and didn’t bother us. Why are they there? To polinate, of course!

We saw the corn fields (they maze has already been laid out, and from what I hear, the “hard” maze takes an average of about an hour and a half. Make sure you make that potty break BEFORE you try it! But there are “easier” mazes as well).


The kids volunteering here actually called my kids over to get them to do the little race. Giggles was a bit small for this so she found her way through on the yellow part. The kids even helped her up the wall they had to climb. SUCH nice people!


What kid doesn’t like playing in tires and dirt? Even our Giggles was all about this. They also loved the “Cow” jumper behind it, while we waited for the ponies to take their break.










We got to do a pony ride (also included in the price of admission). Dimples was ok with it, but Munchie and Giggles loved it. Munchie especially liked the part where Dimples’ Pony, the one in front of him, had to go poop. Yea,IMG_9094 we are at the 5 year old boy stage in our house hold. The worker cleaned it up super fast and we were on our way-well, continuing in circles!








IMG_9095 IMG_9112[1]

Munchie tried the Wall (it was a little bit of a stretch for him) and Giggles and Munchie tried the “jumpolines?” (is that what you call them? They had a blast doing it, and, once again, it was part of admission.

We also grabbed some farm fresh corn to go, which I can’t wait to try in a few minutes. They even had a bucket available so you could shuck it on site. Aww shucks, my kids kept running away wanting to do something else, so I brought the whole thing home with me.

The festival had a great small town vibe. It was nice and relaxing, good family friendly music playing and fun activities for the kids. And, very reasonably priced! I love taking little drives outside of the valley, and this was definitely worth it!

The Basics

Mortimer Family Farms

12907 E State Route 169

Dewey, AZ





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  2. Avatar Marta on August 16, 2016 at 2:32 am

    Im a new mommy to the city of surprise I’m interested in putting my 4 year old in karate and my 2 1/2 year old in ballet do you know any places near by?

    • Vicki Vicki on August 16, 2016 at 1:17 pm

      Hi Marta! Welcome to Surprise and thanks for finding the blog! There are a lot of Karate places nearby. I believeLegendary Martial Arts has rolling admission ( in Marley Park Plaza-Waddell and Reems) but they do all ages in one class it seems. De Boa Jiu Jitsu is pretty good, so I have heard-not exactly Karate .

      I would check out Bling Tour that we did a review for for ballet and dance! They are very nice and they are expanding! Let me know if you have any other questions and thanks for reaching out!

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  4. […] Oh that is hard!   I think I like each patch for a different reason:   1.Mortimer Farms-If you are from the north/northeast, this pumpkin patch experience will make you feel the most […]

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