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Montara Park Glendale

Some days we just hop from park to park, and when we checked out Sundance Park in Peoria, we skipped over about a mile to Montara Park in Glendale!


Easily located north of Peoria Ave and N 63rd Ave, the easiest way to get there is to turn onto W Becker Lane and park on N 64th Lane. The parking is on Street, but there is a bit of a curb “hook” for room for cars.


A good sized playground that was shaded was far enough from the non busy road. I was happy to see benches near the playground as well as a ramada with a picnic table.


There was a cool little overhead zip that my 7 year old really liked. Both he and my very tall four year old could reach it from the platforms, if the zip handle was close enough to the platform.

There goes Munchie across the zip!

And then, there was this bar. The platform didn’t move. The bars didn’t move. I have no idea why or what this was for. Mom stretches? Bring your stretch bands? Stair stepping? Need your toddler to practice climbing up one step at a time?

The bridge and the “call/speaker phone”. The bridge is very trick for your new walkers who are small and are likely to slip under the hand rail! Be careful little walkers.

Little steps in the mulch for balance. And a small/not high climbing bars for the younger climbers. Too bad it’s right near the wobbly bridge!

A wonderful twisty slide!

And a very bumpy slide!

A very tall ladder for a 3 year old, but there were stairs to get there as well. Also a little kids seating area underneath the slide, and a swizzley climber (or if you are skinny enough, you can go around in circles going down it!)

There was a huge greenspace, tennis courts, basketball court and even four racquetball areas/stalls. No bathrooms, unfortunately. However, there is quite a bit of retail around, so if you can wait to use the bathroom, Home Depot and Walmart are right around the corner.

The Basics

Montara Park Glendale

W Becker Ln and N 64th Lane

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