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Modern Round-Peoria

If you haven’t heard of Modern Round in Peoria, I wouldn’t be too surprised. Or, maybe you have heard of it and are thinking-Wait-why is Surprise AZ Mom covering this?

Modern Round is “part virtual shooting range part upscale lounge” (from their site). My husband visited Modern Round a few years ago with some guys from our church who were also Veterans and had told me about it. Modern Round was definitely more of an evening get together or date night place, so I had put it out of my head as a review topic. However, my husband is on their email mailing list and heard they had something for kids, and my interest was piqued.

I know there may be a lot of people who read our blog who are not into shooting, so this may not be of interest to you or this may be slightly scary. The guns used at Modern Round do look and feel like real guns. Part of the reason we wanted to bring our children to Modern Round was so that they could learn how to handle guns safely. Our kids should never, ever be around a gun unsupervised. However, we want them to learn about about and respect weapons.

Who is Modern Round Good For?

Modern Round didn’t start as a place open to younger kids. Modern Round didn’t feel like there would be a market for it, but parents were asking if there would be an option for their kids to come in. After deciding to add some kid friendly games, Modern Round has now expanded to allow kids to come in with adults.

While there are some games that are more graphic than others, there are some very kid friendly games like Balloon Tag, Darts, an air hockey game, “duck hunt”, a space hunt, carnival and even Captain Crush. Obviously, it is up the parents to decide what games are most appropriate for their children.

Beautiful chairs at the entry while you wait to check in! There is a check in station where you and your guests can register to enter.

lounge areas
lounge areas modern round

There were many lounge areas and a bar with tons of TVs to watch sports. Downstairs has the lounge, bar and shooting areas. The upstairs floor only has the private shooting areas.

Lounge areas have a nice couch area and table for hanging out, socializing and grabbing food or drinks from their extensive menu. My husband had a flatbread pizza, and the kids pizzas are huge! I had fish tacos.


Modern Round does not allow personal firearms at their location, which makes sense because you wouldn’t want to confuse a laser firearm for a real firearm.

Our host went through a quick description of how to use the two pistols and M4. These weapons do not have ammunition in them. Weapons are laser only, however they are always to be treated as if they were real firearms. Modern Round demonstrated how to handle the firearms by explaining they are never to be pointed at anything you did not want to be shot.

Options for Kids and Adults

I personally loved playing a balloon Target shooting game. My husband and I played a Modern Warfare game against each other. My kids loved playing a carnival game (similar to a game you would see with water at a carnival).

Two Floors

Upstairs there are many lounges of different sizes!

Some of the videos do have graphic content and have hostage negotiation sequences that are not appropriate for younger viewers. In your own lounge, it is hard to see anyone else’s video screen. However, if your child needs to use the restrooms, it may be best to accompany them if you do not want them to have wandering eyes.

Why Modern Round for Our Family

I really liked Modern Round for many reasons. I felt that it opened up the conversation for our family to talk more about gun safety. Our children were able to handle firearms without having them be live with ammunition. We also had many opportunities before and after our visit to talk about gun safety, and what to do if they saw a real gun. I think this opportunity gave them a real respect for the weapons and didn’t teach them necessarily that guns were just about having “fun” but that there are real consequences too.

Modern Round is good for date nights and guys and girls nights out. I also felt that it is good for someone who may be thinking about learning to shoot, but may be uncomfortable starting to learn with a real weapon first. While there is the look and feel of a real gun, the recoil is much less and the noise factor is not there at all. This may help a novice with the fear factor as well.

Reservations are recommended as there are only a limited number of shooting lounges available. Shooting lounges are reserved for and paid for by the half hour. Food is separately charged. If you plan on eating while shooting, expect to spend at least an hour and a half in a lounge if not more time, based on your party size. Reservations can be booked online or on the phone.

The Basics

Modern Round

8320 W Mariners Way, Peoria (P83 area)

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