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Mesa Riverview Splashpad

We reviewed the Splashpad the same day as the park-unfortunately the weather was a bit too chilly for us to fully enjoy the splashpad, however, I did see a few brave souls jumping in.

The Mesa Riverview Splashpad is located at 2100 W Rio Salado, but the easiest parking is on Cubs Way (the South side). If you are coming from Dobson, you will want to go around the traffic circle and head back to park on the south side of the street for the easiest parking.

The splashpad is fully fenced and has three gates. Two to the North side of the splash pad and one to the west side. The ground is cement (boo) and it is not shaded, however, there are lots of palm trees that could provide some shade. There are also half wall benches around the splash area as well.

The colorful and whimsical loops splash out water and water comes from the ground in certain areas as well.

There were some fountains that were bubbling high and some just bubbling. Great for bringing buckets and some water toys!


Touch pads to turn on the water fountain. And my feet.

Splash pad rules on one of the gates.

And a really gorgeous view of the climber, some palm trees, the gates and a bench!

This splash pad is really nice because of the gates (slows the kiddos down), the size of the splash pad is really big, so you could easily have lots of kids there with no problem. There aren’t really any manipulatives for the kids to play with (or fight over) so you will want to bring buckets for play. There are also quite a few ramadas with shade sails outside of the splash area. The bathroom is somewhat nearby to the splash area, and the lake is further off.

You can check out the rest of the park on our other post!

The Basics

Mesa Riverview Splashpad

2100 Rio Salado (best parking on Cubs Way)

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