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Mesa Riverview Park

Mesa Riverview Park is an AMAZING park for the whole family. I saw the huge net climbing structure a few years ago when we first visited Bass Pro Shops but wanted to wait a little bit before going to the park. Now that my oldest, Munchie, is 7 and is a full fledged monkey climbing machine, I realized we had to try out the huge climber.

Riverview Park is at 2100 W Rio Salado Parkway.

Parking is kind of the biggest downer when it comes to the park. Nearest the playground and splash pad, the only parking is on street. It is not parallel parking (sigh of relief) but angled parking. If you want to be on the side of the street that has the playground (south side) and you are coming from Dobson Rd, you have to do a u-ey (is that how you would spell it?) at the traffic circle at Cubs Way and Riverview. The playground is most easily accessible from Cubs Way.

We went on a cloudy day but the palm trees still made the park look ultra tropical. The splash pad here (in another post) was very large and gated. Palm trees and green spaces surrounded the playground.

The rope climber is definitely one of the best features of this park, and can be seen from far away. There is rubber matting (and it arcs upward in the middle). Each of the three sides of the climber is pretty tall too. I guessed it was 30 feet tall, but after looking at the City’s website, I realized it was 50 feet high. Ohh goodness. My monkey boy, Munchie (he likes being called a monkey, it’s not an insult) got 3/4 of the way up before I asked him to get down. There were some bigger teens that were super respectful, but because of their size versus his, momma got a little nervous. Giggles and Dimples attempted the sides of the climber but weren’t quite big enough to do it. I wanted to climb up it, but I only had flip flops on. Next time.

This climbing structure is better for the adventurous 3+ year olds, but probably closer to the 5 year olds, depending on their climb ability and desires. My kids LOVE TO CLIMB. They even make me climb the walls at home. Ha Ha Ha. I was so glad to see this as an option for them while Munchie climbed the big tower. This “Caterpillar” structure is 60 feet long and kind of makes a circle with different types of challenging climbing obstacles. Munchie even liked this, and there were some bigger kids and littler kids on this as well. It “only” went about 12′ in the air at its highest points and had the rubber underneath the whole structure. The structure was quite large!

Next to the Caterpillar rope climber was this beautiful toddler structure. Drawbacks were that it was not shaded and if you are one mom with more than one or two kids, they all start to seperate at this point. Dimples loved climbing on this one as it was more his size, but meanwhile, it was “too boring” for Munchie and Giggles. Luckily I had known the park was big and brought my husband with me. This part of the park starts getting close to the intersection of Dobson and Cubs Way. If you have runners, you may want to make sure that you have a good eye on them.

The only downsides of the toddler playground was the 3 rows of “rocks” on the rock wall confused some of the littles who were trying to get up. The littles tried to climb next to each other which wasn’t really possible, and the round disk climb seemed a bit challenging for some of the littles. I do wish it were shaded, but, the rubber surface made me very happy.

The next stop more towards the intersection of Dobson was the rock wall (it kind of makes for a barrier from the road above) and this neat jumpy, lily pad type thing.

The kids were all climbing the rock wall behind the “science experiment”. It reminds me of putting together something in science to make molecules. As you can see from the “Science experiment” picture, the light for Dobson and Cubs Way is right above the rock wall.


I am not exactly sure if there were two rock slides or one here. One definitely was more “slide shaped” while one was more flat. I saw a couple of kids go down the flat one with their skate boards. There was also another rock wall that the kids were climbing up and down, and a little half house and cave area. Looking down there was a disk swing and two crazy spinning “rides”.

Giggles was riding inside of this ride. It kind of tipped and dipped as it went in circles (gag for mom). Luckily there were plenty of other kids that wanted to swing her around. YAY! You can also see the top portion of the wall with a fence. This also is right at the corner of Dobson and Cubs Way. Honestly, if your kids are climbing one of the walls or the 50′ structure, they can definitely get right over this fence.

This looked like some sort of a zipline, but there was nothing to “zip” on. Maybe broken?

This play area was super nice with all the different options to climb, zoom, spin and of course it was shaded. It was also near a huge cluster of ramadas with picnic tables and near the splash pad, and this was furthest from the Genesis climber. The rope bridge was a big challenge and can be a bit worrisome for moms of littles, but Dimples did it with no fear! The ground was the rubber matting again, which really made me super happy!


There was a very nice walking trail around the park and the lake, and there even is a very picturesque waterfall! We climbed a little hill that had a sidewalk that went round and round up the hill and looked out at the whole park. However, the lake doesn’t have a gradual slope into it, just an off the sidewalk into the water. I’m not sure how many feet deep it was, and I didn’t really want to find out. There were people fishing in it while we were there. We were more there for the little walk. The bathrooms are nearest to the lake and Genesis climber which makes a bit of a walk from the playground. Luckily the bathrooms are not right next to the lake.

This park is really an amazing park, however, I highly recommend 1 parent to 2 children if you have younger ones. It is a huge park with lots of ways for littles to get into trouble :the lake, wandering off, Dobson Rd, the climber unattended. However, it is an amazing park-so grab your spouse, parents or gal friends and tackle the park with your kiddos!

The Basics

Mesa Riverview Park

2100 W Rio Salado (best parking on Cubs Way)



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