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McDonald’s in Surprise-Bell and 303

April 2019-This feature is no longer available at McDonalds

Have you tried out the PlayPlace at McDonald’s in Surprise?

Since we traveled cross country, we saw a LOT of McDonald’s PlayPlaces on our trip. And there are a ton of different play areas that are featured at the McDonald’s. I was really amazed at the creativity that is poured into having an active area at a fast food restaurant (and honestly, my husband and I were very thankful to have these play areas while we were on the road).

I only had Giggles and Dimples with me on this excursion, and had to visit the bathroom first. If you are looking at McDonald’s from Bell Road, the bathroom is on the right hand side. And, if you visit in the morning, parking on the “bathroom side” gives you a little bit of shade from the building. Score!


Giggles is proudly displaying the changing area in the handicapped stall of the women’s bathroom.

I also got a coffee at McDonald’s before entering the play area. I do have to warn you that the few times that I have gone, service is extremely slow. I’ve only ever offered coffees, and its taken 10-15 minutes for my order. Other people have waited too. The staff is very friendly, but it seems bit disorganized. I can’t speak for the drive thru, but I have hope that that might be faster.

The Play area has a sliding door that closes it off to the rest of the area. I’m not sure why this is there. A few times the sliding door has gotten stuck or has not worked at all, therefore giving us parents who are trying to carry food and children into the area a bit of a hard time.

I do have to say that the area is SUPER clean and the kids have a blast playing.


This is the toddler area, complete with instruments to crawl on that make noise! (and it isn’t an annoying, ear piercing noise either! Score). There’s even a slide that I don’t have a picture of.

IMG_3459This is a great climbing area for the older ones. Giggles followed a little girl friend up into the climbing area and got scared and I ended up going in and getting her. Warning-It’s pretty tight for us bigger adults!


Those narrow little stairs up are great for little kids, not so great for mommas!

IMG_3461Another nice little slide that Giggles was able to get to easily and she had a blast going up and down. There’s even a small toddler area behind this that I didn’t explore. I actually never saw kids playing back there.

You can even have a birthday party at this McDonald’s. Pretty great idea for the summer, and this area is nice and clean and the price is reasonable!

I know a lot of people are anti “fast food” but I do have to say McDonald’s has done a great job introducing healthier options. And, having the play area is a great way of getting out that extra energy after a treat at McDonald’s.

The Basics


Bell and 303 (16547 W. Bell Rd.)

Hours not available online.

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