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Mavrix-Talking Stick Scottsdale

Are you looking for a family friendly place to bowl? Mavrix in Scottsdale is an awesome place to check out.

Mavrix has food, laser tag, a full bar and a huge arcade as well. They have regular bowling lanes and VIP Spark bowling lanes. The VIP lanes have projected images on the lanes and more space for seating (and cost more). Each lane holds up to 6 bowlers.

Bathrooms were located up at the front area and there was a diaper changing area in the handicapped stall.

The bathroom was very spacious and nice. Also available was a single stall restroom.

There were many seating areas in Mavrix for hanging out and enjoying their food. Mavrix also has the ability to have private events on their patio too.

A nice little seating area with a double sided fire place.

The arcade area at Marvrix was HUGE! If you are looking for a place to check out some fun games, this place has a ton of different games.


Mavrix has more than just regular bowling. You can play fun games like “Angry Birds” bowling. There are also ways to play that each person only gets one ball instead of two balls, which makes the game go faster. We liked that for the kids. I think it kept the kids more engaged.

The balls were already stocked at each lane, so there was no looking for particular balls. They all looked like pool balls too, which was kind of cute.

There were lots of screens to keep the people waiting occupied if they didn’t want to watch the bowler play.

Billiards was also available. Just don’t mistake the bowling balls for the Billiards balls. It won’t work well.

Because of our current 2020 situation, there was plexiglass between each booth. Tables said they were sanitized.

This was the “VIP Spark” lanes. The benches were a little bit bigger and the room was smaller. And the Chandeliers were nicer.

Bar And Grill

The Bar and Grill area was very nice and had a huge area for hanging out and watching sports as well.

We only did bowling when we visited but there was a lot of great options. I really liked how kid friendly the bowling games were. Having the kids get up and down every ball was better for them. While not really the best for our bowling game, they kids really liked it more because it wasn’t so long between their turns. I wished that the bathroom was not at the very front of the building, but that is what it was. The staff was great and we had a great time and would definitely visit again.

Make sure you also check out their Facebook page for deals too!

The Basics


9139 E Talking Stick Way

Scottsdale, AZ

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