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Martin Luther King, Jr. Homeschooling Activities

Martin Luther King Jr was an inspiration leader, speaker and Reverend. I have to sheepishly admit that in elementary through high school, I knew a little about his life, but in college I had a full semester of Peace Studies where I was able to learn so much about his activism and his nonviolent ways of making change.


1st-3rd Grade

1st-3rd Grade Lapbook

Martin Luther King Biography-1st-3rd

Martin Luther Kin Reading Comprehension Paired Passages-3rd-5th

Civil Rights 4th-7th Grade Packet

Reading Activities 4th-7th Grade

Martin Luther King-Nonfiction MLK Passage-5th-8th

Martin Luther King -Close Read and Rhetorical Analysis-7th-12th


The Story of Martin Luther King By Kid President

Free School

Brain Pop:


National Geographic Readers:Martin Luther King, Jr

The Story of Martin Luther King Jr: A Biography Book for New Readers

My Little Golden Book about Martin Luther King Jr

Who was Board Book-Who was Martin Luther King Jr

I Have a Dream Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

I Can Read Martin Luther King Jr A Peaceful Leader- Sarah Albee

Who was Martin Luther King Jr?

Dare to Dream-Anna Revell

Martin Luther Kin Jr-We Shall Overcome-Anne E Schraff


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