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Mansel Carter Oasis Park

The splashpad was under renovation Winter 2021 and will reopen April 2021. We are looking forward to seeing what will be put in!

If you are looking for an amazing park in the far east valley, Mansel Carter Oasis Park has some amazing things for kids of all ages. With a baseball park, skate park, greenspace and most importantly for my readers and Splashpad and Playground! The park is also situated with a pond, and of course, my favorite-bathrooms!

The parking is off street in a huge parking lot from E Appleby road. There are two roundabouts. One roundabout takes you to the splashpad area where we parked (north). The second roundabout will get you to the south part of the park where the skateboard park and baseball fields are. It will also allow you to be maybe a little closer to the playground without going through the splashpad.

The Splashpad

The splashpad is on from 7am-9:30pm from March 1st October 31st

It all begins with the pirate ship! Of course, my biggest buckaneer has to be at the top of the ship, spying for land!

The shade sails really help keep the splashpad a little bit cooler on those hot days. Luckily, there are benches surrounding the splashpad for parents, but there are also ramadas with benches too.

The splash factor at this park is HUGE.

The kids felt like they were at a waterpark with the water gushing over them!

There are three different water switches at the park. Each of these turn on a different section!

At the back of the pirate ship was this cool little slide. It even is fun for big kids. You can ask my kids-they loved it!

A fun little palm tree with little water buckets splash unsuspecting visitors to the splashpad! From the bottom of the splashpad, there are little sprinklers that pop up from the ground too!

Rules of the splashpad!

A beautiful pond is right near the splashpad and has a walking trail around it. There are fences around some of the pond, but not the entire thing. Watch your little ones! There are also nice areas to sit, take a break and just watch the world! At Mansel Carter Oasis Park, there is even a covered exercise area as well.

A beautiful waterfall is a scenic respite on a hot day!

The bathrooms and fountains set off from the splashpad and the playground. I felt this was not so accessible, but it is what it is!

The Playground

The playground has been updated with a large shade atop the entire structure Winter 2021!

The playground was absolutely amazing for the big kids! My oldest, Munchie, is a huge climber and thought that this was one of the best playgrounds. The issues with the playground at Mansel Carter Oasis Park is that it was hart to see kids at the playground and the splashpad at the same time. The playground is up a hill from the splashpad. I have kids who are bigger now, so I don’t mind them wandering a little bit, but I can see parents who have many little ones being overwhelmed by this park. The playground is all compacted rubber.

Although the playground did have a ramp, I wouldn’t describe the Mansel Carter Oasis Park as boundless park. The park wasn’t overly toddler friendly, although it did have a toddler slide. I would say this park is definitely better for bigger kids.

Like the Gilbert Regional Park which is just down the road from this park, there is a slide built into the hill! However, this brings out the “it might be scary if you have more than one little kid”. You can’t see the kids playing at the upper playground if you down watching a smaller kid at the bottom of the slide. And, this slide dumps out near the pond. The pond is fenced here, but with climbing equipment just up the hill, kids are enticed to climb!

I had to tell my kids “Don’t go for a walk around the pond” if you are playing around the park, and they all looked at me like I was crazy. Another father just started laughing at me because he knew what I was talking about, but my kids were so focused on the playground, they didn’t even realized that there was a pond! Tunnel vision with kids. And, that is what I worry about sometimes. A kid chases a bird and then they don’t realize they are on the other side of the park from their parent!

So, I think this park is good if you have a few toddlers and you are able to keep them at the splashpad, or a few kids that like the big park and you keep them there, OR your kids are old enough (or can stay in groups) where they can watch out for each other.

The rock wall was very cute for bigger kids and it had a spider contraption that connected them, and there was a spinning arm thing that I still haven’t figured out what it is for. 🙂

Musical instruments for kids to play! These are always fun, even for the big kids. Add some music to your movement at Mansel Carter Oasis Park.

I personally love this type of teeter totter! I first saw it years ago at Loma Linda Park in Goodyear!

A bowl for kids to chase each other and ride in while spinning!

Also available was a swing to ride facing your young child and an accessible swing too. No pictures were taken as they were very popular swings and someone was always in them!

I really liked Mansel Carter Oasis Park in Queen Creek, but I do wish that the bathrooms were a little more accessible, that the playground was easier to see from the slashpad (and vice versa), but all in all, a great park!

The Basics

Mansel Carter Oasis Park

19535 E Appleby Rd Queen Creek

On the website, there is a “Sand Discovery Dig Zone” not visited and the Playground Centrally located in the ball field Complex. Because the gates were closed, we were unable to go into the ball fields.

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