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Main Event-Avondale

When Main Event started going up right near I-10, people were curious. What is that building? What is it going to be (me included!). I was lucky enough to be able to do a tour with their sales manager and get a great feel of the place from a mom’s perspective.

Main Event is conveniently located at 10315 W McDowell Rd in Avondale. If you are thinking you have seen Main Event somewhere else in the valley, you would be correct! There is also a location in Tempe! They also have tons of other locations in Texas, New Mexico, Georgia, Illin, ois, Kentucky, Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas and Ohio.

What does Main Event have for you and your family? A lot of different options, all being very kid friendly!


Main Event has a full restaurant, a quick pick up restaurant-La Bella’s Pizza (on weekends/holidays when it is busy) and full service at the bowling alley as well! There is also meeting/conference space available for large groups. Near the bowling lanes, there are tables for birthday parties as well.


We toured the facility, and I was amazed at all there was to offer. The coolest thing (that we couldn’t do because Giggles and Munchie are not 48″ yet) was the Gravity Ropes.


High above the gaming area, you can get strapped in (like rock climbing) to the course. You are attached with ropes and tracks above so you won’t fall onto people below. There are steps to climb, all while being 15+ feet in the air. I can’t wait to try it-I have a feeling my hubby will pass on it though!

There is also a laser tag arena with two levels. Filled with music, smoke and lots of twists and turns, just try and find your “frenemies!” Unfortunately, Giggles and Munchie were also too small for this (48″ minimum height), but it brought me back to my high school days when it was a weekly event.

There are also tons of different video games as well.

And, don’t forget to cash in all your “digital tickets” (your points all go onto a card that you purchase, like many other gaming venues) and the Winner’s Choice.


I also liked that they have air hockey-so much more my speed!


We also tried doing the bowling! My kids aren’t focused enough to play a whole game, let alone a few frames, but we tried pretty hard!


I tried my best at taking a Panoramic-There are 26 lanes of fun. They keep the lights more on the “cosmic bowling” color frame-and while it’s not totally “cosmic” the music is fun and upbeat and there are videos in the background. The screens where the score is kept are lively and interactive with how you are playing. And, there are bumpers that can come up or down depending on who the player is. I love that the bumpers can go up and down-so moms and dads with kids can play an actual game too!


You can see Giggles above using their “Dino Slide” to help her get the ball going. Even with it, I wasn’t sure the ball would make it to the end. Time to build a little more muscles on the girl! But the dino slide was so much more fun (and easier to move) than those old fashioned metal ball rollers. Main Event even has balls as light as six pounds. I loved how they were all color coded according to weight, and said what size the finger holes were right on them. My kids went through 5 frames-but they just didn’t have the dedication to make it the whole game. A few more years before we can get some serious bowling in.


This cool “piano” was on the floor near the bowling lanes-but the picture of the piano on the floor would change to other images-chasing bubbles, chasing leaves, etc. My kids loved playing the “game” on the floor while I got to talk with some of the staff (who were so nice).

Main Event is a fun place for the family to hang out, especially during the summer. There are some great deals like Monday night madness (as of May 2016) where you can get 3 activities for 9.95 each from 4-close. They also have group deals as well for during the week (great for homeschool outings and school outings!) Main Event is also having Summer Funcamps every week from June 6-July 18th.

I recommend Main Event for ages 8 and up so they can take full advantage of all the fun, but if you have younger “wee” ones like we do, they can have fun too!

The Basics

Main Event Avondale (with a location in Tempe too)

10315 W McDowell Rd, Avondale AZ



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  6. Candice Werve on December 19, 2018 at 6:58 am

    Wow! This sounds like a great time. Thank. You for giving such great details! I think I will take my kids there . Sounds fun for the family

  7. J.J. Anderson on March 30, 2019 at 8:35 am

    Looks like a lot of fun. There’s lots to do with the kids there regardless of their interests. I’m glad the tickets are digital as the paper tickets are a hassle to carry around! So glad to see bowling still going. Bowling is a lot of fun and something parents don’t always think of for entertaining the kids. Once they start though, they usually enjoy it.

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