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Maguire Park Wickenburg

Sometimes mom just wants to get in the car and drive, and today was one of those days. Since my kids have started school (yes, we are a previous homeschool family), and I just got my license back from a year of not driving thanks to epileptic seizures, a good drive does my body good.

And, I love going to Wickenburg to check out things there. Wickenburg has a wild west feel. About 30-45 minutes west of Surprise (depending on how fast you drive), Wickenburg has a small town feel in the middle of the desert. There are grocery stores, a main street, restaurants, resorts and museums. We have also reviewed another park with a splashpad, Sunset Park when we had our exchange student Elena visiting a few years ago.

But, back to Maguire Park, which is located on 480 America Street Wickenburg.

You have to love the name, first of all.

Located right off Wickenburg Way (the main street in Wickenburg), Maguire Park is a small, narrow park located right near a wash. So, this park might not be a good destination during monsoon season.


The playscape had a lot of nice features that were great for younger elementary kids and upper toddlers. The climbing features and slides were wonderful for kids who really love to move and explore, plus there was a “microphone” for dramatic play.

maguire park


There was no parking lot, just ended with a dirt road up to a private residence. I am not sure if I was blocking the road where I parked, but it was a hot day with little traffic. There was also a small building for a bathroom but it was locked.

A small basketball court was also available, but lookout if you shoot! one basketball hoop goes towards the wash. It was dry when I visited, but there were lots of critters roaming about! I am sure the wash was a great home for many fine critters, so go after that ball quickly

two swings and a small ramada

Two baby swings and a small ramada were at the far end of the park away from the playground. The placement of the baby swings didn’t make much sense to me. I would have placed them close to the playground and perhaps under the shaded canopy! But, they didn’t ask my opinion (they should have).

This park seems to be a nice, quiet neighborhood park. But, as stated before, be careful during monsoon weather or right after a large rain as a wash runs right behind it.

The Basics

Maguire Park

480 W America Way

Wickenburg, AS

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