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Luv 2 Play-Surprise

Luv to Play in Surprise has had an anticipated opening since last year when rumor got around that they would be building on Bell and Reems in an old Bank building.


Luckily for everyone in the West Valley, they are now open! They also own other places nationwide and in Canada as well, so they aren’t first timers at the indoor play spaces. Luv 2 Play also sells the playscapes they build to other play places.

There is parking to the front and sides of the building. We arrived early and got front and center parking. Sliding glass doors bring you to their entrance. A good thing to do before you arrive is to sign their online waiver. It will save you some time (and perhaps some cranky faces of kids who want to jump in and play).

A tall shoe cubby awaits your arrival. There is soft padding everywhere for the kids to sit and take off their shoes. I highly suggest slip ons for mom (I love my clogs). I also suggest the whole family put their shoes in one cubby so that they are 1.easier to find and 2. other people can put their shoes in too! Socks are required for entry, but don’t worry if you forgot yours-they sell them!

Strollers are allowed into the play area, but they will wipe down the wheels. Parents do need to wear socks only too.

The tablets for the waivers face the small enclosed area where kids can color while they wait for mom or dad to sign them in.

The waiting area and play area is gated off with an attendant. Once you pay, you and your child(ren) will receive matching wristbands to be checked when you exit.

The waiting area from the inside of the play area (I snuck in to take pictures without my kids). The waiting area does not connect into the play area. The level above the play area goes into the under 4 area.

The Toddler area had a gate on it, but it did not lock. It was more of an old “bar door” gate to slow kids down. Dimples, who is under 3, played in there for a while. High benches surround the toddler area so parents can hang out and watch their kids over the gate or they can go in and assist.

This area abutted the toddler (under 4) play area, so moms of little ones of multiple ages could see kids throughout the area.

The Kinetic Sand area was the place I was most curious about when I saw the Description of Luv 2 Play. I have made kinetic sand at our house, and it is super fun, but it can be super messy. I was wondering how they were going to handle this! Well, it is its own seperate area away from the babies play area and nearest the bathrooms and party rooms. It also has a gate so there is one exit and entrance, and has seating around it for parents. There were two tables of varying heights with lots of sand toys to play with. There was a mesh flooring on top of the regular rubber flooring, which was interesting. It may make it easier to clean? I’m not really sure, but the kids sure had a fun time!

The TVs over the Kinetic Sand had news playing, but I did see a dad request for some sports to be on, and one of the Luv 2 Play crew changed the channel. Wifi is also available!


And of course, the HUGE play structure. I can’t remember ever seeing a play structure so big. In some places, it was 3 levels high. All of it is netted. There are tubes and obstacles throughout the structure as well. Parent friendly seating surrounds the play structure. The play structure is opposite of the toddler and baby area, with the parent seating in the middle.


Update May 2017 

The dramatic play area has been added and it is a lot of fun for those kiddos who need a bit of a break from the nonstop motion. It is located right next to the winners wall on the south west part of the building. Some of the seating was moved and two glider rockers were added next to the spinny slide.

A Fire Station, Hair Salon, Grocery Store and Medical Practice with Dr. Pr Tend.HAHA


Luv 2 Eat, the food are was way back in the south east corner of the building. Full menu is not quite available yet but they had drinks and sandwiches for purchase. They will eventually be having wine and beer, but it will require a wristband and there will be a two drink per person maximum.

Bathrooms were past the kinetic sand area. No family restroom but a boys and girls bathroom, with children’s sized potty seats in one of the stalls (women’s room). A changing table was in the handicap stall, and stools were provided at the sinks.

Update May 2017

Booties are now available to slip on over your socks for using the bathroom. I put them back after using them and then used the hand sanitzer below. Lots of hand sanitizer throughout the play areas. I also saw people constantly cleaning, even inside of the play structure!

Two party rooms were also close to the Kinetic Sand Tables. I’m sure this will be a hot spot for parties!


There were SO many parts of this play structure that I can’t begin to explain them all. I highly recommend going up with a kid who may be more hesitant because it is quite the contraption. And, as a parent, I got a little lost going in and around the whole structure. My kids had a BLAST playing in it.

This twirly whirly slide was at the top of the structure and closest to the prize redemption area. I couldn’t get Dimples to go down it, but I went down a few times and entertained my mom friends.

Blowing ball pit with foam balls bopping in the air was super fun. My kids stuffed their shirts and found someone to give them a bag to bring the balls up to the ball air guns on the 2nd story.

My boys posing on the second story.


I was climbing in after Dimples because in the past, he has gone into one of these climbers and has had to have assistance coming out. He kept looking at me and saying “MOM, come on! Fast mommy fast”. The tube in the sky was a bit hard to climb through for me, but I slid down one side with great speed!

The ball pit was also a big favorite. These balls were more plastic-y than the foam air balls. The kids loved jumping in the pit. I did have to remind my kiddos not to bury themselves so they wouldn’t get jumped on!

There were also some things to spin on. Giggles made me take a video in slow motion.

There are also video games available for kids to play too. One of my friends purchased a card  that you can swipe at all of the different machines. You purchase the card through a kiosk. She put a few dollars on it and was pleasantly surprised that most of the games cost between 30-50 cents each to play.

Lots of lights and sounds, but not too overwhelming. The loudest thing in the place was the ball popper. There was also kid friendly music playing in the background to keep the kids happy!

It was an awesome time hanging out and playing with my kids and catching up with my mom friends. I felt like I could walk around and play with one child without having another kid dash out of the play place. I really had a blast, and when we had a spill, the staff was helpful and quick with helping us clean it up.

A few helpful hints-

  1. Definitely get your waiver signed before you arrive. It really helps speed up your process. It will take a little time to check in even without the waiver. The little waiting area is great. The sliding doors react to movement, so they open and close (and stay open), so be careful for little wanderers.
  2. Bring or wear socks
  3. Leave food and snacks at home. They have tons of food available and only allow sippy cups in their venue
  4. They will have an online check in coming soon. Check back for more details!
  5. Tell them that Surprise AZ Mom sent you!

The Basics

Luv 2 Play Surprise

15495 W Bell Rd Suite 104

Surprise AZ





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