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Low Budget Movers

Are you planning a move to a new home? Or just have a big item like a safe, pool table or piano and need some help to move it?

Low Budget Movers is here to save the day! Located in the Phoenix Valley, Low Budget Movers has a fully trained team to make your next move a smooth move. With over 30,000 moves, they have the experience to make it as stressfree for you as possible. If you are needing packing assistance or just need a few items moved across town or within 2,000 miles from Phoenix, they are here to help.


What makes Low Budget Movers different from their competition is passion, dedication and training. I was able to speak with the owner, Brian Myers, and the passion he had for his business was amazing. All movers are background checked and are trained in a mock move set up right in their warehouse. Your movers will be the same people who pick up your load and drop it off, and will be the same team that brings it to your new home. The teams can even help you pack up everything if you need that assistance as well!

Do you have appliances, a safe, a pool table or a piano that needs to be moved? They can move all of that too! They have even moved a helicopter!

I asked Brian if he had any great moving tips for busy parents, and he had some great ideas:

  1. If it can fit in a box, put it in a box. If it can’t fit in a box, find a bigger box! It’s safer to move things in boxes and makes packing of the trucks easier and more stable.
  2. Trip insurance is a must! If you only use the basic insurance of the truck, you will get very little should anything happen to your belongings. Home Insurance usually does not cover a move! Hire a mover, like Low Budget Movers that is insured!
  3. Color code your boxes. Toys for kids can be very precious, so make sure you have those (and everything else) clearly labeled. You can even get tape that is color coded!
  4. Anything other than clothing in a dresser drawers is a no-no! Clothes can stay, but everything else should be taken out and put into a box.
  5. A typical 2000 square foot house will take a team of 3 people 8 hours to pack, so it might be a good solution to hire someone to pack your home if you are needing help.

Moving can be a stressful, but with the help of professionals that are trained and professional, it can be made into an easy task! Give Brian and his team a call or email today and get a free quote!

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