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Loma Linda Park Goodyear

This park has to be a hidden gem-mostly because of all the huge Pine trees around the green grass that just kind of remind me of summers in my childhood. Pine or fir trees (sorry, Biology was not one of my best subjects) are tall, majestic and provide such good shade. I was amazed to see how many different types there are that grow well in our hot climate of Phoenix.

Loma Linda is in South Goodyear right beyond I-10 off of Litchfield Ave in the Old Town section of Goodyear. It is also near the Goodyear Municipal pool (which shares a parking lot) and a small (very small) community center. There are no bathrooms at this park-but the community center might have a bathroom if its open-not sure though!!  I’m guessing the pool would, but you would have to have a pass.



The pool looked very nice. Unfortunately, this was as close as I could get (I put the phone on the other side of the fence to get this pic). There was even a small gradual walk in pool for something that I’m not sure what!

Back to the park!


This was the highlight of the park for sure-a really cool see-saw. There were places on it for straps, but no straps attached (I’m guessing if there were straps they would be super grimy anyhow). My kids were able to hold themselves on just fine as the seats are very deep bucketed. However, I got in the middle and was able to rock the kids back and forth by just moving my weight (sitting in the seats myself kind of started to make me feel bad). They kids were able to get lifted off their seats while I was rocking it. A little work out!

As you can see from the picture, there is shade-and on the middle of the shade their is a light. So, I know that some of my moms out there may look for parks to go to in the evening-this may be one for you!


The rolly slides! My kids love them. Have you ever tried going down one? Yowch! But they are pretty neat!


This picture is of the little handle. Part of one of those zip bars that go back and forth. I liked this one because my six year old (who is of average height) could reach this without having me lift him up. there was a good platform for him to get. The only thing he couldn’t do was get enough momentum to zip across.


An awesome bridge to go across. My kids LOVE these!


Fun slides.


The arch that scares the moms, but the kids love climbing. And, a twisty slide in the background.


Don’t get your feet stuck in this one!

2016-03-30-09.21.21For those who aren’t feeling the climb, lots of manipulatives to play with-music, colors, and even great places to play hide and go see in the “tunnels”.


And sometimes we get a boo boo while playing. this poor guy missed a step and bit through some of his tongue and swelled up his lip. No problem with how the park is set up, just accidents happen! Darn it! But, after I found out he didn’t lose a tooth, we were all good!

This is a really cute park and easy to get to. There were also tennis courts nearby and lots of green lawn. There are a few restaurants close  as well, so if you have a bathroom emergency and there aren’t any options to go into the community center or the pool, it’s not too hard to find one! Your best bet for parking is right in front of the pool on Loma Linda.

The Basics

Loma Linda Park Goodyear

Loma Linda Ave and Los Olivios




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