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Little Rhythms®

We were at Goldilocks Playland and Dance Studio when we were able to check out a  Little Rhythms® class. Hilda, the owner, was exuberant and enthusiastic from the very get go. If you have ever tried to do a class with little ones (under 5) you have to keep the pace moving and keep the kids in check.

Each class, the parents are given a little syllabus of what will happen during the class (and it has words for those of us who seem to forget it from our childhood. Some of the songs that we sang and danced to were Wheels on the bus, Skidamarinky dinky dinky, and the “Happy” song.


Hilda Started with introductions and having us all say hello to each child.


And Some parachute time. The kids loved the parachute. Here Munchie is with Dimples. Dimples was screaming with delight over this.



There was also a good lesson of “Head Shoulders Knees and Toes”. (the Eyes and ears part always trips me up). You can see Giggles is intently watching while dressed in the princess dress up clothes from Goldilock’s.


And Always fun, is some scarves! They danced, they played, the threw them-all in good fun!

At the end of the class is also an art portion where there is a different take home project the children can create! This week the children did shells using paper plates and stickers in celebration of Shark Week.

Hilda has a background in Music and Dance and currently offers classes at Goldilocks’s, The Children’s Museum of Phoenix, and Halle’s Heart Museum in Tempe. She also offers classes to small groups-like mom’s groups, as well! I was delighted to speak with her about her business and how much she cares about the kids and their development. She has a great play based, music inspired class that I encourage you to try out. A great plus to her classes at Goldilocks is that you can either pay for a month up front (and receive a discount) or do a drop in class.

I also loved that she had enough instruments and things for the kids to do at all the same time. With children who are in the younger ages, you not only have to keep the class moving, but you have to make sure every child has their needs satisfied (not always taking turns) at the same time.  Classes are about 45 minutes, but of course, if you have a child that needs to use the bathroom they can be excused!

The Basics

Little Rhythms®

Great for all ages, especially 0-5. Lots of movement for parents and children

Classes travel to you and are offered at Goldilocks, Halle’s Heart, and Children’s Museum of Phoenix





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