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Lil Kickers-Avondale

We were invited to do a complimentary class. I confirm that the views expressed below are that my own.

Meg Murphy from Lil Kicker’s in Avondale was nice enough to invite us down to check out the soccer classes for little ones. I decided to try it out with Giggles (Munchie has done classes and Dimples just started to walk), who is almost three. Giggles was put with the 3s and 4s because of our schedule constraints, but she had a blast. And, she toughed it out with all boys, which is what she is used to anyhow. Meg was nice enough to warn me that the class was all boys ahead of time, and that was super nice.

Lil Kicker’s takes place at the American Sports Center in Avondale. I had driven past the facility a few times and had no idea what it was, but I was amazed when I got inside.


There are all sorts of areas for indoor recreation-soccer, dodgeball, flag football, and volleyball that are all available. There was a big area to hang out in if you were waiting for your group as well.



They also host camps, tournaments, parties and so much more. I really had no idea until I stepped into this facility how awesome it really was.

We checked into the front and then they told us where to head to for the soccer class. One important note for those children who are in the midst of potty training or need to use the bathroom (or for us moms and dads), the bathroom is on the absolute extreme opposite side of the building from the soccer area. So, plan ahead and give yourself a little time to prepare for that. Also, bring a water bottle that your child can open themselves for the class.


There were two “Soccer fields” on each side of this huge room, and they were bordered by glass. We were able to watch some people playing as we walked in.


The Lil Kicker’s class uses about a 1/4 of the field, blocked off by what looks like inflatable guards. Giggles of course had to try this out and roll over it. The Lil Kicker’s area is also glass enclosed with bleachers outside to watch. Our Coach Katrina was very open to parents being inside of the “Field” if the child needed mom or dad to be nearby.


Giggles was very focused on the ball going into the goal. The soccer ball was a little smaller than usual soccer balls.


The kids got to play several games-like running around to the “lily pads” (what they are sitting on), running from the coach, trying to kick the ball at the coach. Giggles was really focused on just getting the ball in the goal. The teacher kept redirecting her, but always in a kind matter. Children of this age really need a person who keeps them focused, and Katrina was great at encouraging the children.



Katrina made a “river” out of the cones that the children were supposed to kick the ball over to get into the net. A few of the kids understood the concept and did well. Giggles decided that she wanted to wade in the river instead.


At the end of the class the kids did a little “Cheer” which was really cute. It was nice to have Giggles listening to directions and watching what the other kids were doing. The class was kept upbeat and with lots of games that were developmentally appropriate.


Giggles was very excited about her soccer class (and extremely tired afterwards as well). Meg was even gracious enough to give me an idea to take her to Culver’s afterwards for a little “pick me up” ice cream!

Lil Kicker’s was really a lot of fun. They have classes for different ages at all sorts of times, and the staff was really engaging and warm with the kids. We had a great time and can’t wait to be able to schedule more classes!

The Basics

Lil Kicker’s Avondale

755 North 114th Ave

Avondale, AZ 85323

Note-if you use google as your GPS you might end up in a residential neighborhood if you just type in the address as it is. Make sure that you are going to an address that is off of Dale Earnhart Dr! (Not Maricopa St)



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