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Liberty Park Salt Lake City, Utah

Liberty Park is a beautiful park in Salt Lake City between 900s and 1300s and S 500 E and s 700 East. It features a tennis court, Pool, the Tracy Aviary, Youth City (Youth Development/after school program), Chase Home Museum  (folk art), Liberty Park Lake, Liberty Park Grill and the Rotary Park Playground.

We visited the Rotary Park Playground and Splashpad. There was also a JDRF event so the park was very busy. There is a great trail that goes around the park for running, so we saw lots of people walking and running and playing tennis too! It was in the 40s, so no one was using the pool. There were bathrooms by the tennis courts and by the Playground.

Parking is all around the park in a diagonal parking structure and in a few lots in the middle.

The play area had lots of options for musical play, dramatic play, a bridge for kids to run up and down, and even to crawl under.

The big musical chimes needed some sticks to hit (we didn’t look for them), but it would have been great to hear that banging!

You can see the tunnel looks like a butterfly too. There were lots of benches for parents to sit too! The trees made beautiful shade too!

Dimples found a turtle to stand on!

And, you can see the bathroom in the background!

This little climber had lots of slides and tunnels great for the little ones!

There was great areas that were made with turf and padding for under the swings. There is also a splash pad as well.

There was also another climber with slides and more swings.

This park was just a beautiful park to visit, and all of my Utah friends highly suggested it. It was very busy because of the events that were going on around the park, so I wasn’t able to take so many pictures. There were lots of things to do, and shade to be had (too bad it was about 40 degrees!)

The Basics

Liberty Park Salt Lake City, Utah

900 S 500E

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