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Liberty Park-Peoria

Liberty Park is one of Peoria’s newest Parks (it’s not even on the map yet)!

Located at 9700 West Williams Road (ish), you’ll find this park has pickleball courts, bathrooms, greenspace and playgrounds for toddlers and big kids!

If you are headed to this area, make sure you use GOOGLE MAPS to get there, as apple maps has sent people elsewhere. Liberty Park’s parking lot is nicely set off the street as well, and the area is a new build area.

There are two ramadas with picnic benches!

Dimples is showing this fun spinning toy. I suggest getting other children to spin it! Woof, it’s a workout!

The bathroom had two stalls each, but there is no soap. There was also water fountains.

There was this peculiar button inside of the bathroom. Maybe someone has gotten locked in a bathroom? I have a lot of questions!!

The pickleball courts have been very popular every time we have gone to the park! Have you ever played?

Big Kids Playground at Liberty Park

Liberty Park’s big kids playground is huge and shaded! Lots of slides and climbing apparatus for kids to check out!

I found it strange that the big kids playground led in with smaller kids tic-tac-toe boards… The big kids seemed to just ignore them. It would make more sense by the little tot lot.

Five swings are not under the shades (darn it all). One barrier free, two baby and two big kid! Swings under the shade are my favorite.

I honestly have no idea what this is! Can you give me some feedback on this? However, seeing the kids play on this and how they have figured out how to use it has been interesting.

Toddler Area at Liberty Park

The toddler area had a nice set up with cute slides and a mix of mulch and gummy ground.

There is also this very interesting maze that the big kids like hiding in. I’m not sure who really has more fun in it! It is definitely a new feature I haven’t seen at other parks.

And, the two play houses that the big kids like to play on top of! HAHA. Sometimes things that are made for small children end up being really fun for big kids!

This park is really cool and has a lot of nice features. It is also well off the beaten track. It is nearby one of our favorite libraries (Sunrise Mountain Library) and also near Camino a Lago Park.

The Basics

9700 W Williams Road

Peoria, AZ


  1. Leslie on January 21, 2021 at 1:01 am

    The playground equipment you were questioning is called a “pull along.” It’s a type of adaptive play equipment for kids who may have a disability or special needs. You lay back and pull yourself along, kind of like a sitting monkey bars!

    • Vicki on June 8, 2021 at 11:05 am

      Ahhh That makes sense! Thanks

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