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La Gattara

Have you ever wished that you could hang out with a few cool cats in the Phoenix area?

La Gattara is the perfect place to find a new furry friend, meet some new human friends or take a yoga class.

Cat Cafes started in Taiwan but became really popular in Japan. Space is very limited in Japan, and apartments are rather small. Apartments for young singles often do not allow pets, leaving over stressed workers with a need for companionship. This is how cat cafes started!

The first Cat Cafes in the United states were in New York and California. Since the living conditions were similar to Japan, Cat Cafes became very popular!

Melissa Pruitt, owner of La Gattara heard of idea of a Cat Cafe and it excited her. She had always been a rescuer of animals, so combining a cat cafe and adoption center seemed like a natural fit.

What to know before you go!

If you have little ones that are a little rambunctious, this may not be the place for you. My kids have always been around cats and dogs so I knew that they would be fine. We did go over some basic rules of appropriate behavior on our way. However, if you have a child that is timid or is very excitable, you may want to make it a one adult per one child visit.

Please also sign the waiver and familiarize yourself with the rules for children.

The check in area! You can also reserve your time online. There is a limit to how many people are allowed in at once for comfort of guests and cats!

In the video, you can see that there is a door to enter the “cat room” so that the cats do not escape outside by accident.

la gattara

There are many cozy places for cats and humans to sit and relax. Cat toys and treats are available to play with for cats or humans. A table is available for people to sit and relax. You can even bring your computer and do some work as free WiFi is provided.

la gattara

Vibrant colors are welcoming to humans. There are lots of cubbies for cats to curl up and rest. Of course my little guy had his head in the way of this picture! He was loving getting to know some of the cats and paid no attention to mom’s camera!

cat wall

The cat wall at La Gattara is truly a cat’s dream. With climbing ledges, toys to bat with their paws and a scratching post, my kids loved watching the kitties jump ledge to ledge.

cat cubbies and cat holes

The bottom cat shaped holes were for cats to exit to use the bathroom or enjoy space away from other cats or humans. This isn’t an area for kids to crawl into. My kids peeked in because they didn’t remember what a kitty litter box was, but it really should be kept clear so the cats have their space to enter and exit the room.

Cats for Adoption

As of 2019, La Gattara is partnered with Lost Our Home Pet Rescue in Tempe. Most cats are up for adoption (just ask Melissa if you have questions!). There is also a wall in La Gattara of all of the wonderful placements they have made (316 at time of publication). There is also a “who’s who” wall of which cat is which!

La Gattara with kids

All about Educating and Accepting

La Gattara’s goal is to educate cat owners and hopeful cat owners on keeping your feline friend comfy and happy in their domicile. There are so many cats that are euthanized in Arizona because of abandonment, and La Gattara is hoping that educating owners can help prevent people from giving up their animals.

Also, La Gattara holds Yoga Classes, Art Classes, Movie Nights and more! There are so many great events happening here!

If you are a cat lover like me that has a hubby who is allergic to cats, it is a purfect place to go and enjoy some snuggles . I went up to pet this little guy, Charlie, and he climbed up onto my shoulder. How adorable! I felt like I was holding a baby again!

Charlie and Me

I really enjoyed my time at La Gattara. The next time I go I will just bring one of my children for a more relaxing time! Or maybe just a wee little “cat nap”.

If you are a lover of cats, but cannot have one at your home, La Gattara is the perfect place to visit. Or, if you are looking to add another feline friend, stop on by and do a meet and greet with some new friends. La Gattara also has an Amazon wishlist on their site. Donations are extremely appreciated!

The Basics

La Gattara Cat Lounge

1301 E University Drive, #136 (Enter off S Dorsey Lane)

Tempe, AZ

Video Courtesy of Angel Martinez and Stephen Gomez, Broker, Real Living Property for You, Peoria, AZ.

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