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KTR Mesa

KTR is short for “Kids That Rip”, and Mesa is their original location. KTR also has a location in Scottsdale and Chandler. Kids that Rip offers gymnastics, skateboarding and open play. Rip means “skating well” from my non vast knowledge of skateboarding. I never got into skateboarding, so you’ll have to excuse my naivety!

KTR Mesa is located at 1927 N Gilbert Rd in Mesa, in a busy parking lot. The shopping center that it is located in was obviously some type of store at one point. I felt a definite 80s vibe in the center, so it was kind of neat stepping back into time in the parking lot. Inside, there were tons of different skating equipment, gymnastics equipment and more. The outside of the center and inside of KTR were polar opposites.

Before you go to KTR, you will want to sign a waiver. You can sign waivers at the facility if you choose, but you know your kids are going to want to jump right into the action when you get there. If your child wants to participate on the skate park with their inline skates, scooter or skateboard, they will need their helmet, scooter or skateboard as well. Make sure to bring those along!

My two older kids, Munchie and Dimples, were with me on our outing and really wanted to check out the skate park.

We have never really tried a skate park before and honestly, we were kind of clueless. I stood in the wrong place when taking a picture. One of the parents nicely let me know I was in the way (oops!). He was very kind. I honestly didn’t get it! Just be aware of your surroundings unlike my clueless self. There is also staff to help you be less clueless too!

To get into the area to watch without being run over, you need to go under the ramps. It’s a little tricky, and not stroller or very accessible.

ktr mesa
KTR Mesa skateboarding

A lot of the area is great for scooters to go back and forth and practice going over the bumps. There were smaller kids who were absolutely terrific at skateboarding. They were phenomenal. KTR does skateboarding classes and we were watching some, and my kids got a little overwhelmed by how little they knew. My kids are over achievers. Munchie tried to go down the ramps a few times but chickened out. He also didn’t have a lot of padding on like the skateboarders did, so we moved on to the rest of the facility.

I loved how big the skateboard area was. Although there were lessons going on, my kids had plenty of space to scoot back and forth, and there were other kids going back and forth as well. My kids like to get everything on the first try, and I think they had a little crush of the ego when smaller kids were better than them. We had to have a little talk about how they practice piano and they practice ballet and baseball, and those kids practice skateboarding. The indoor trees were also a cute touch.

Lounge Area

If your kids are older, there is a nice lounge right outside of the skate area.

lounge ktr

A snack bar is right next to the lounge and above this whole area is seating as well. Across from the small lounge area was the area that was open to the kids to play.



A dodgeball court for open play was available. The gymnastics court was not available for play. When we arrived there were classes going on. We paid for open play for the skate park, ninja course, trampolines and dodgeball court. They specifically told us that the gymnastics area was off limits. The Dodgeball court also had basketball hoops on either side, so it double as basketball.


The Trampolines at KTR were definitely super high, fun trampolines. The staff was also there to keep an eye on the five trampolines that were available. See Giggles enjoying the height! You can also see the second story waiting area for parents.

There is also a ledge for kids to jump off of and onto the trampolines. The kids loved this, but even Munchie had a hard time getting onto the ledge.

Ninja Course

The Ninja Course is always the key for Munchie! When he saw this, he lit up! There were tons of different obstacles for your ninja! Munchie is a small ten year old but it was perfect for him.

The zipline was the favorite!

Munchie also wanted to show how comfortable it is if you fall off the zipline

Padding and Warped Wall

warped wall

Next to the Ninja course was the warped wall. My kids didn’t want to try it, which I was surprised! I think they were tired by the trampolines. However, Giggles did find this area that she made into a stage and decided to put on a dance performance for me.

foam blocks

There were a lot of foam blocks for the kids to use, climb and build with while we were there. I’m not sure if they will always be available, but the kids got to use them (safely) while we were there.


As I put earlier in the post, the gymnastics area is not available for the open play, but KTR does offer a lot of different classes and Team Gymnastics, as well as cheer and tumbling.

We picked the two hour time slot for our open play which was perfect, but they did have a four hour option available too. KTR offers birthday parties and much more! The staff was super nice and we had a great time. The kids can’t wait to go back and we will definitely try out their other locations.

The Basics

KTR Mesa

1927 N Gilbert Rd Mesa

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