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Krazy Air Trampoline Park-Mesa

We love checking out new places, even if they are a drive (here’s hoping for a quick nap, right?)

Krazy Air Trampoline Park is huge. HUGE! About 25,000 square feet of fun (including seating areas for their party areas and cafe)

You’ll want to fill out the waiver online, which you can even do from your mobile device. My kids are always raring and ready to go, so I like to make sure I take care of it before we get to our location.

The entry area is huge and shares an area with the cafe, which had pretty good prices and a good selection of food. There were also TONS of cubbies for shoes and drinks (they aren’t allowed up the stairs at the trampoline area).

There is also a ramp to get up to the trampoline area if you have a baby in a stroller! Anyone that is going “on deck” to watch the jumpers does need to sign a waiver, but if you aren’t jumping you do not have to pay. Any jumpers get cool jump socks to add to their collection.

Bathrooms are down on the left (when looking at the entry) past the snack bar. Plan your jumping accordingly, as it can be a long walk for wee ones if they are in the far courts.

Krazy Air isn’t just about trampolines. There are obstacles everywhere! These nets are filled with sponges to climb. There were also nets to climb, rings, boards tacked onto a climbing board (good luck with grips) and a rock “wall”.


There was lots of padding all around the rock wall. Nearby was more ropes course, a trampoline area just for littles and a foam pit.

If you have teenagers, this place is also great for them. There are open jump areas for everyone, places to hang out and relax, a volleyball “court”, basketball hoops, foam jumping areas and places to do tricks!

Krazy Air was a GREAT place for our family, and great if you have little bittles through teens-Something to keep them all busy and get them all tired! There was a huge party room with windows to the jumping area as well, and the staff was super friendly!

The Basics

Krazy Air Trampoline Park

4310 E McDowell Rd

Mesa, AZ

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