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Kiwanis Park Tempe

Have you been to the Kiwanis Park in Tempe?

I had heard it was a huge park so I wanted to bring hubby along. We found a gray day to do a hike at Papago Park (Hole in the rock) and then decided to drive around, check out the Aloha Festival in Tempe and see what else was going on. I realized that Kiwanis Park was just down the road from where we were, so we HAD to take a look. I was very unprepared and had no idea where the playgrounds were, so we took a walk around the lake.

There is fishing available at Kiwanis Park as well, but we didn’t do that. My kids were kind of disappointed, but I honestly couldn’t see them waiting long enough to catch a fish. In the north west part of the lake were rental paddle boats. We really wanted to check out the playground, but I am kind of interested in returning for the paddle boats!

There are a few different parking lots at Kiwanis Park and there is no exact address as it is a huge park! We parked on the street (Mill Avenue) but there are quite a few different parking lots depending on where in the park you would like to go.


The closest parking lots to the playground we went to (By the Baseball fields, south east) was off of South All America Way. The park we went to was close to the Aguilar School. We walked around the lake first, which doesn’t have a gradual entry like the Surprise Community Park , but instead has a deep drop like Mesa Riverview Park (Lake). If you have a runner, you may want to stay away from the lake!

Since we parked near the lake, we also took the path that went underneath S All American Way, which was a nice little bridge area. It was a little hilly, so if you take this route and have little ones be prepared to carry a kid or bring a stroller!

Vicki Carrying the kid

Or you end up like me (Picture thanks to hubby!)


The playground was amazing and had a bathroom nearby, which I always like. Unfortunately, the closest bathroom to the playground opened facing away from the playground. On the other side of the bathrooms were sand volleyball courts which was not too bad. There were also baseball/softball fields nearby and plenty of greenspace.

Kiwanis Park playgrond

From the path coming from the lake. There were three distinct sections that were really amazingly laid out. I like to have a lot of sightlines to see my kids from all angles, and this park really made it possible to watch multiple kids.


Toddler playground

The toddler area was super cute! There were shaded areas for kids to play, baby swings (not under a shade) and a cute dramatic play area with two houses. I really liked the houses because they had so many windows so you could see what the little ones were doing in the house. The playscape floor was rubber or sand.  There were a lot of gross motor activities for the little ones, sand diggers, spinny objects, rocking cars and a dramatic play fire truck that also rocked.

drum circle

I really wanted to get my family in on the drum circle. There were tons of drums and shakers, so we rocked out for a bit. Unfortunately I couldn’t get a video because I was conducting. I am a total band geek that lives the drum dream!

sand diggers

Sand Diggers, rocking cars and firetruck, little teeter totters and so much more. Bring the sand toys!

all sorts of wiggly teeter totters

Yes, I went on the teeter totter. But not the cute animals. And yes, there was a basketball court for the bigger kids!


 bigger kids

I am starting to feel like this set up is following me! Didn’t we just see the same rope playground this week at Bicentennial Park in Glendale? Yes!

There was a roller slide, windy slide and lots to climb.

ropes and stuff

It’s like a spider web and dino bones! There was also a zipline, but I really feel like the Kiwanis Park in Peoria had a much better zipline! This zipline wasn’t very easy for the little kids to get on or back to the beginning where there was a line.



There was also this cool rope “ladder” in the air. I’m not sure how kids were supposed to get up on their own without help unless they were bigger and could lift themselves up.

large slide area kiwanis park tempe

This cool slide “complex” was great for the more adventurous kiddos. Munchie and Giggles love the tube slide, Dimples was not a fan. I liked that it was mostly stairs to get up to the top instead of ladders. Ladders and kids going down can often be frustrating when kids change their mind about going down slides! The green and red slide (more towards the top) is a small tube slide that just goes down one level. There were also a few different climbing obstacles to get to one of the platforms. There are also some interactive elements to play with at the bottom and throughout the slide tower.

NEt Spider Climber

This was a miniature version of the spider climber at Mesa Riverview Park. There was also a wheel to spin in (and upside down). It was a bit noisy to spin it as it needed some more grease or oil. The bathroom is the building behind the spin wheel!


Five regular swings and the blue swing were available. The blue swing did not latch, so proceed with caution!

Santa Sleigh Wiggler

Some people call this the “Sway fun”. I call it “Santa’s Sleight”. This is boundless and has a ramp to access it so everyone can get on! It wiggles back and forth. We have also seen this at the Avondale Friendship Park.

four leaf clover swing

I call this the “Four leaf clover” swing. Except it didn’t swing. It moved and rocked a little but did not swing. Oh well!

Tire Swing

There was also a simple tire swing which the kids loved as well!

Kiwanis Park in Tempe was a super cool park that I hope to explore more in the future. Plus, it is HUGE! There were so many ramadas available! We saw many people having parties and games of all sorts. This is definitely a park to check out if you are in the area.

The Basics

Kiwanis Park Tempe

South East Playgrounds

South All America Way and South Mill Avenue

Tempe, AZ






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