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Kiwanis Park Peoria


It took us a while to get here because of Munchie’s broken arm-but it was totally worth the wait! Kiwanis Park in Peoria is right next to Oasis Elementary School on 78th Drive (Near Columbine Dr).

Parking is on the  street, and it’s a bit strange. There are no lines to park parallel, but there is ample room to drive in at an angle if you are headed north on 78th Drive. That is how I recommend parking. If you have new walkers or kids that get tired after a park date, you may want to bring a stroller or expect to carry them to the car. 78th Drive was not busy on a Saturday, but it could be around pick up and drop off at the school next door, so be careful of runners. There is fencing around the park, but not around the playground.



There is ample green space around the park, however, it wasn’t overseeded so “Green” wasn’t really it’s color. But, it was a field.


There was a nice shaded tot lot with slides, climbers, rubberized and mulched ground. Be wary of the circular climber if your little ones aren’t steady.


There were swings nearest the tot lot, but they were all incredibly high. Not sure what giants were swinging on these slides, but they needed more chain. I’m 5’8″ and it was hard for me to lift my kids onto either of the swings!


This reminded me of those water tubes where lots of families ride in. This just went round and round, but the kids had fun sitting in it.

But what is that blue bridge thing in the background? Ahhh the best part of the park, by far!



This was like a mini seated zip line. It was SO FUN! I even went on it. Giggles and Dimples went on it as well, but we had to go slowly with Dimples and hold him, but Giggles (3 1/2) was able to hold her own on it. Munchie (6), needed a little assistance getting on it.

Behind the zip line was a larger playground with lots of different things to do. Dimples loved the roller slide and tunnel. The Roller slides are fun, but as an adult, they really hurt my butt! There was also a rock wall that you can get to from two sides and climb up, if you are skinny  like our Munchie is!


There was “fake” wood to balance on and climb on fake stumps. Go figure I used to play on the real stuff when I was a kid. Now they manufacture it!

And then there was the bridge. The bridge of scares.




**Update November 2016**There is a new netting under the bridge of scares! Woo hoo!!

I thought that this bridge was a great balance of space conservation and an interesting idea of temptation and bravery…and then my husband mentioned that the kids could fall through the bridge steps and onto the person doing the monkey bars below. Or through the netted sides of the bridge. Obviously, Giggles is “Too Young” for this playground and we were careful watching her do this. She only made it two steps across before she turned back. I think the bridge was cool-but just be watching the kids carefully if they are up there-especially the very wee ones that sometimes make their way up further than you would like. Munchie ended up sort of hanging off/jumping off the bridge by doing some Monkey climbing on the bridge. After our broken arm incident that he just got over, I was a bit concerned when I saw him slide down the rope.

This park had these fabulous spinners that the kids jumped on and off and turned around. There was also a small merry go round with ropes that little ones could hold on to (I would say 2 and up).

If you have a child that really needs lots of movement and is a semi daredevil, this park is for you. I had read this article a few months ago about how kids fidget and how they need more movement and different movement. This park definitely delivers on lots of different experiences and movements. If I was spinning as much as my kids were, I would be on the ground feeling the earth move below me, but the kids love it!

There were also shaded ramadas and a restroom at the park. No changing tables in the restroom, however. A fenced in tennis court was also nearby.

The Basics

Kiwanis Park

78th and Columbine (approximately)

Peoria, AZ




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