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Kids Empire Phoenix

Kids Empire in Phoenix is one of the newest indoor playgrounds. It is part of a franchise that has multiple locations across the country. Located at Greenway and 19th Avenues. It is nearby Whipples Fun Center and Buffalo Ridge Park.

kids empire seating

The Kids Empire requires all entrants to fill out a waiver, whether or not you will be climbing. Two adults are free per paid child. (2019). Waivers can be signed online or on their tablets. They did ask for drivers license number, which I did not really understand. When we went their wifi was down which made it impossible for them to put through any transactions. The staff was kind enough to let the kids go through while they figured out how to get it rebooted. We then paid without issue and used Groupons.

Sock Only and Seating

All shoes must be taken off and socks must be worn. They have socks available for purchase if you forget your own. They do not provide grippy socks, but I suggest them. We received a bucket to put our shoes in and then we carried them to a table. There are no lockers.

As you can see from the photo, there is ample seating. My husband and I, being the number geeks that we are, figured out that there is seating for over 600 people.

huge climber

I climbed into this huge monstrosity so that you could feel what it was like to be up in there and took video. Just for my readers!

There are tons of places to climb at Kids Empire. Some of it is easier than others. My kids had a blast, but the larger structure is really better for kids that are 3 and up. There are a lot of round holes that kids who are not so stable on their feet can topple down. Luckily I could fit in and down those holes easily, but larger adults may not do so well while chasing their kids. I also wished I had a belt on.

You can see above the hole that I am speaking about. Fun bridges and mesh walkways were everywhere, along with tons of different obstacles to try to climb up and over and down.

soccer field

This huge soccer field is a great place for kids (and adults) to stand up and run. I needed a little help trying to figure out how to get here,however.

Hidden Areas

Underneath the soccer field at Kids Empire was Lego like blocks.

Lego Blocks and open space

There was this huge area under the play area that seemed to be unused dead space that kids could just hide. So, if your kid has been missing for a while, they may be here.

The blocks were really hard. I had two different thoughts on these blocks. Maybe they are more germ friendly because they aren’t porous. Or, maybe they are just hard and kids will whack each other where no one can really see each other and that will be a bad idea.

Either way, if you haven’t seen your kid for a while, check these spots. The huge area under the play area is a long L that runs along side the wall to the left of the play structure and underneath the play structure.


But, you can’t forget the fun slides that are part of the play structure!

It was a super fun slide. A LOT of kids, and adults, caught some air on the slide. Be careful!

I didn’t even try this slide! I’ll leave it up to the slide experts.

There was one more slide, which was made out of rollers. My oldest, Munchie, told me he highly recommends doing this on the sleds provided. He tried going on it without the sled and his finger got caught between the rollers. Ouch!

roller slide kids empire

I have a video of Giggles going down the slide. She went down a few times before I shot the video and kind of put the breaks on. The “crash landing” is a bit too short at the end. It really need a longer end track. And, make sure your kids wait until the track is clear from another racer. My husband saw quite a pile up of kids on top of each other. I would have really like to see the runway go another five feet.

Toddler and Baby Area

The toddler and baby area was really nice and had things perfect for the smallest ones. If you need something for kids 18 months and younger, this was really best suited for them.

Race cars

Underneath the middle of the play area were racers. I also had mixed feelings about these. They were hard to drive for the kids at first and ran into a bunch of things. They took tokens which you had to purchase back at the front (approximately $1 per coin). If you crash, then you have to move them off of each other. It is nearly impossible for a younger kid to do, so parents need to go in and move them without getting run over. Mixed feelings. Once the kids get a hang of it they don’t crash as much and have fun, but it will cost you a bit to have them learn.

I personally liked the little animal racers more. They went throughout the play area, which could be bad on a busy day. But, they went much slower and were easier to drive. However, they were harder to reach for littler kids who might want to drive them.

II might just want one for my neighborhood. I might get some strange looks however. Might have to keep this at Kids Empire.

Dance Space

This Dance space was under the castle area on the left hand side. It was a cute little dance area. Unfortunately, with my epilepsy, I didn’t stay in here for long. My kids loved playing in here.


The Bathrooms were ample and had a changing station for parents.


There was a cafe with small snacks and items for purchase. No outside food was allowed, but I did see they let in water bottles. They did serve peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on their menu (FYI for my nut-free and sensitive friends 2019). There was also a variety of drinks and ice cream as well.

The Basics

Kids Empire

19th Avenue and Greenway

Phoenix, AZ

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