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Kids and Heat

In the Phoenix Area, it can get dangerously hot outside. The temperature can easily get into the 90s by mid morning, so it is important to know some safety for Kids during the Heat!

First, I do want point out our post about pool safety! Whether or not you have a pool in your yard, this is such important information to know because eventually you or your children will be near a pool.

Kids and Heat


I know my kids can get overheated, and these are great cues for signs of overheating. I encourage TONS of water (not juice, soda or caffeinated drinks as that can be dehyrdating). I often put in frozen fruit to make it more enticing. I love freezing mint and pineapple, strawberries or throwing in a lemon and a lime. I know water can be boring, but it is super important! According to the Institute of Medicine, an average toddler should drink about 1.3 liters of water a day. In the heat, it should be more.

Make a stop for water-Many parks have water fountains, and most restaurants will give out free water or ice if you ask nicely. Keeping a cooler in the car with waters and ice can also be helpful!

Equally important is making sure that adults have enough water! We often forget to take care of ourselves. The points in the picture with the toddler can be applied to adults as well. I often get cranky and clammy when I’m dehydrated too. Make sure you drink plenty of water after being outside, but drinking water before you go outside (even days before) is helpful to keep you hydrated!


cool scarf

I actually own a couple of these cool scarfs, which are amazing. You douse them in cool water and the little beads expand and stay cool for hours, as long as its not in direct heat! I only recommend  this for the kids if they are sitting and being watched-not in the car seat, as you put it around the neck.

Sunscreen, hats and sunglasses.

My track coach always would tell us “the sun takes the fun out of your run”. Seeking shade is extremely important! While the temperature will not be “cooler” in the shade, it can be a 10-15 degree difference in how you “feel” the temperature. Having a hat on, as much as it may make your head feel warmer, will prevent the sun blazing on your face. I prefer a big floppy sun hat to shade the back of my neck and give my face as much shade as possible.

Sunglasses also help protect the eyes from the sun and sunglare! Even a cheap pair of sunglasses paired with a hat can help visibility!

Sunscreen is super important, as just an hour outside in our Sunny Phoenix area can burn the skin. I prefer an SPF 45+ that is reapplied every two hours, at least. We also use a mineral sunscreen roll on for our face, which is great because it doesn’t burn the eyes! While the one we use might leave a white trace because of the zinc, I’m less concerned about how pasty we may look but that we are safe from sunburns

Get your Car Prepped

Getting your car prepped for the heat is an important step when headed out during the summer. Performing routine maintenance can help prevent overheating engines and side of the road breakdowns. Having sun shades in the car for parking also can help keep your car feeling cooler.

While it may be controversial, keeping a case of water bottles in your car for emergencies can also be a lifesaver. While many people say that the plastic in the water bottles break down into the water, having water to pour over oneself  can be cooling and refreshing!

Staying in (if you can) when its hot outside!

Sometimes its just too hot to take your kids into the heat! If you don’t need to be outside between 11am and 4pm, the hottest times of the day, stay inside and wait for the cooler times to do errands, go to a community pool or splashpad or indoor play place!



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